Where is the Sapphire come from?

Sapphire or ruby is like a pair of twin sisters, they are all colorful beautiful gem corundum. the main differences is they captured the different elements of colors in the process of their growth. Ruby trapped the elements of chromium, present red and fuchsia. Sapphire captured the element of iron and tie. Because each gem contains different contents and rates of iron and tie, will present more colors. Today we come to see where is the sapphire come from?

1. India Kashmir: the best colorful sapphire inherent in Kashmir, it has its original indigo blue but has little purple color, the jewellery industry called it as cornflower blue, has big lightness, bright, beautiful, look like the bright blue velvet, belongs to the top quality kind of the sapphire. The mining areas lie in the north-west end of the Himalaya Mountains, rise over more than 5000 meters above sea level, and thick fog invests all the year round, the snow whiteness, and mining condition is terrible, only three months to find mine one year. It is said that since 1861 has been a large number of mining but stop mining now, and now this kind of sapphire is very precious in the world.

2. Myanmar Mogok: Myanmar sapphire is famous all over the world, mainly producing in Mogok area, is also called the oriental sapphire. The sapphire is with high transparency, small cracks, the color is close to the sapphire of Kashmir, can be the top grade gem, but its production is not so much. Some Burmese sapphire have color blue, yellow, gray and white, and less transparent, sapphire contains with silk-like inclusions, after wondering into the arc gem, will show six or twelve shooting stars shot. Here the prolific sapphire is produced among the sands, crystal is rounded. The Star Sapphire “Stars of Asia” of Washington Smithsonian Museum, produced in Myanmar, weigh 330 kt, is one of top ten gems the world.

3.Sri Lanka: Sri Lankan sapphires and rubies are belong to the same area, except the different colors, the other features are the same basically. The lighter color, blue with slightly purple, the color may not be uniform, but the transparency and dispersion is high. The contained Silk-like inclusions is thin and long, similar to the Burma sapphire, can present six shooting stars shot. Sri Lankan Sapphire mining has a long history in Sri Lanka, more than 2,000 years reportedly, is the  most important sapphire origin in the world. The largest sapphire (weighing 19.05 kg) and the  third largest Star Sapphire (weight 362 kt) of the world are produced in Sri Lanka, where the sapphire come with high quality, large output, has the gretest fjords in the world.



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