Want to choose and match the ultra long dress in summer [lession 1]

The graceful elegant beautiful long dress was dressed by the girl who loves to look beautiful, that is the beautiful picture in the reality, then the long dress will be more popular, even if the miniskirt smart and sex, but insufficient graceful actually, so, the long dress will be pop. However,  it is difficult for many people to choose a suitable long dress. Luckily, you may find the better answer here:

This spring and summer of 2010, Moroccan as fast as the Bohemian Style, more and more popular, lets many people unexpected. The material of choice will highlight the stereoscopic effect and the sense of space this year. Abandons concubine’s concept, can manifest wild, free and easy at any time.

India’s sequins embroidery, Spain’s stack-up wave skirt, Morocco’s dew shoulder bellyband skin tassels, North Africa’s string of beads all are merged. The showy “foreign land” meets the demand with current fashion trend which is to “mixes each kind of element”. Morocco’s Bohemia style, in the clothing aspect, strong color, complicated design, with strong visual impact, a bit unconventional, in addition kind, individuality, and quite wild.

This kind of long dress is continued popular not less than one season already, I thought that every woman would have one. The suggestion that choose accessories in exaggerate to match the long dress, so you will be in individuality to others.


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