The usage principles of Perfume

Many people like to use Perfume when they may participate some special parties, but do you know the principles to use Perfume?

Principle one: Chooses the perfume according to fragrance time. If you need it to have an effect for 5 hours at least, such as participates in party, you will bring very small handbags, which will not hold the big scent-bottle. Then you will choose the vial top perfume.

Principle two: Chooses the perfume according to fragrance type which you like, such as the flower, the fruit and so on. But some people smell the rich flowers fragrance, will have dizziness phenomenon. At this time, the light fruit taste most suits you.

Principle three: Chooses it according to your own style, do not follow blindly. Perhaps today the colleague said that she likes Chanel, but tomorrow, another friend said that she likes the Guerlain, and the day after tomorrow, the other friend said that she likes Lancome. It is estimated that you thought that since they reach an agreement, then I take one equally. But do you think about it rationally? Their flavor is different, the fragrance duration is different, you can certainly like? It needs that you should go to the counter, tests one by one, realized that, and buy it later.

Principle four: Do not pursue the name brand. The perfume is only a weapon you use to enhance yourself charm, is only playing the embellishment role. Therefore, you do not think that you appear to be with taste by using famous brand Perfume. That’s incorrect, if you can let others smell the ordinary perfume flavor on your body, thought that is which name brand, this truly got up the goal to use the perfume. Found the fragrance which you like truly, which can manifest your style truly.

Principle five: As far as possible to fix one to two signs. If you are a changeable person, perhaps likes the jasmine fragrance from time to time, or rose fragrance from time to time, or orange fragrance from time to time. In fact, the disposition for average person is quite stable, therefore choose the correct perfume will be good, and you can enable it to be your own brand. Perhaps some people will remember you forever, will remember the fragrance on your body.

Principle six: Test method of wrist. When purchasing perfume, you certainly must test first. You arrive at counter first, choose two perfumes which you like, spreads separately wrist in right-hand and left-hand, smells, then go window-shops. Some time later, smell it again, continues to stroll. After stroll, smells again. You will know that which one you like. Why choose two kinds? Because the types are too many, which are easy to be promiscuous. Why smell it in three times? Because the perfume flavor can be divided to three parts taste, before, during and after. According to the ethyl alcohol volatility, the inside spice will volatilize partly. Why wear perfume in the wrist? Because the wrist do exercises a lot, is easy to let the ethyl alcohol volatilize as soon as possible, you may smell three stages of the fragrances in a short time.

Principle seven: Spurts at any moment. You like this perfume, but its flavor can only maintain for one hour, how to manage? Taking it with you, you can spurt when the flavor is cold.

Principle eight: get rid of the peculiar smell. Before spurting the perfume, you should clean yourself good, do not have the unusual smell, particularly armpit. Do not let appreciate has covered the perfume taste, also do not let the perfume taste suppress appreciates. It is rather that you have the unusual smell on the body, need to use the perfume taste to cover.

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