The fashion starts the new merger and acquisition upsurge

The fashion recently has many new merger and acquisition forms, but these merger and acquisitions are not merger and acquisition form which can bring the unite function of efforts in the traditional significance. Like Wal-Mart bought the video download website Vudu, jeans brand J Brand sell majority of stock to Star Avenue Capital, and Estée the Lauder brand has purchased Smashbox.

These forms of merger and acquisition are very greatly different from formerly, these merger and acquisitions is bringing the new customer association for the brand. The traditional merger and acquisition is two similar corporation consolidations generally, removes the redundant part, achieves the better harmony potency.

But the economic crisis changed this form of merger and acquisition, company’s size is no longer important already, what is more essential is to find the correct customer, process the new technology. But this form of merger and acquisition also has certain risk. Sometimes, for many companies, enters the domain which never contact is meaning the dispersion of management, the cultural conflict or the operation core change.

Therefore, for many companies, the most important thing is to find the suitable target enterprise, implemented the merger and acquisition plan discretely.

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