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What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately?

What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately? It is a bit difficult to answer this question possibly. According to one report, some organization did a survey for more than 12,000 people in 24 countries. They found that the people have different viewpoint to this question. However, generally speaking, the European is putting on casually, but the Indian is most fastidious.

If you like the T-shirts, jeans, the following statistics is possibly helpful for you to consider where you can work. According to the investigation, you should go to Hungary, because there are 12% people to … Continue Reading

The office lady’s new rules of fashion

In the job market, dressing is a knowledge for the office lady, especially in the summer, cannot too old-fashioned and too exposed. But what’s the standard dressing? Just putting on the clothing appropriately, let you look like to be full of temperament, self-confident and more professional. Do not let the appearance bring the counterproductive, or it will destroy your specialized image.

In addition, if circumstances permit, may also choose the ventilation material inner wear, even the T-shirt or Henry collar tops, the major is preparing a section of neat material frivolous western-style clothing in the office momentarily, … Continue Reading

Creates fashionable graceful temperament

Are you a fashionable, generous respectable, wise Office Lady? Then do you know how to put on what kind of clothes in what kind of situation, how to become a fashionable and refined girl in the office or other situation?

The chapter of temperamental white-collar working

The white-collar beautiful girls fight on the work place, not only wants the innermost feelings to be formidable, the semblance beautification can also help her to enhance self-confidence, lets the changed hairstyle make the girl’s dress up is no longer arid seriously. The romantic curl hair shows office lady’s charming completely, sends out the gentle and … Continue Reading

Attempt to put on the different style clothing to be the standard female

Changing your outerwear look is to change your mood, you also want to have dissimilar happy feeling daily, right? That must start from the clothing, to change our own invariable style, tries to play the new thing, to change the pattern every day, will bring the novel feeling certainly continuously for the people all around of you, will also urge the prosperous own personal connection simultaneously!

1. The Bohemia sunlight

The bright summer arrived already, receives the thick the long dress of winter quickly, is outstanding your sex appeal’s shoulder and the slender leg! The Bohemia dye printing design is … Continue Reading

How many pair shoes you should have for a beauty-love girl

Looking from the situation to the clothing’s matching, every kind of altitude and colors sandals you should have, is actually the tradition “three shoes” (i.e. high-heeled shoes, kitten heels, flat shoes) deducts into today’s fashion beautiful shoes choice principle. As for each kind of shoes quantity, just based on the different price range, may act according to the own actual situation proportionate deletion.

1. Stilettos

If asked that in the world, there is anything most to be able to represent the woman, regardless of the men and women, most people’s answered can be high-heeled shoes. The high-heeled shoes interesting part of it … Continue Reading

2011 Spring and Summer fashionable trend in the 17th Hong Kong fashion show presentation

As the one of Asian biggest fashion week, Hong Kong fashion show presentation this attracted 21 countries and regions, 1300 exhibitors and 80 international fashion designers, demonstrates the 2011 spring and summer fashionable trend.

The Hong Kong fashion show presentation is to deduce 2011 spring and summer fashionable, full dress exhibits to too many people dazzling, style diversity. Disorderly spend gradually to predict and charming eyes, fashionable trend analysis organization W G SN asia-pacific editor pointed three major 2011 spring and summer trends: through time and space design, unique artistic style of affection and the ronin by simple dress, practical printed … Continue Reading

Korean fashion necklace attract you in summer

1. naked color big pearl necklace

Golden color pearl is more popular this year, nude pins tries to decorate,  Let elegant pearl had leap clever, Let the wearer look younger than before.

TIP: the collocation of color and the fair maiden dress nude Tee,  jeans are appropriate and artistic quality.

To: Sweet little girl, elegant light ripe.

2.  the colour bar splicing necklace

Color, design of irregular form a simple but full of amorous feelings,  A single wear or increase xionghua wearing is very good choice.

TIP: tie-in and recreational stripe dress to Tee or Bohemian have different customs.

To: fashionable tide female, … Continue Reading

Why a girl needs handbags

Handbags is a luxury and necessity for a girl, they can’t stand to go to the street without a handbag, no matter it is a top brand or normal handbag, if they don’t have it, they will not go to shopping, but stay at home, of course, you can’t see a girl who does not take a handbag to work on the road, why? Just no any reasons, that’s their necessity, they will be uncomfortable without handbag, at anytime, anywhere.

You may say woman love to wear, colorful dresses, jewelry, glass and other trinket. Yes, that’s … Continue Reading