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The watered gauze’s characteristic and outstanding features

Although the watered gauze is one kind of pure silk, it is different from the pure silk. The pure silk is elegant, frivolous, gets wet easily, and ladders easily. But the watered gauze lining is very extravagant, sense of reality, will not stick on the body after the perspiration, will be cool. Therefore the people in Guangdong area like to put it on!

The unique tactile impression and colors of watered gauze let many people feel that it is not too easy to match other wearing. The designers puts forward a very good proposal: The watered gauze is one kind … Continue Reading

The recent situation of watered gauze’s development

In recent years, the watered gauze scenery is no longer already, and there is only one factory to watered gauze in the world, produce less than 400,000 meters every year, half export, half in the domestic sale. Because the insufficient output in the recent years, the price is very expensive, therefore, putting on clothes which is made by watered gauze, has become one status and position symbol.

The reason that watered gauze faced with this condition, on the one hand is the present clothing material is having many choice, moreover is the production process is complex extremely. The raw … Continue Reading

The watered gauze history and development

The watered gauze is commonly referred to as gambiered Guangdong silk, the cloud gauze, called Kaosha in Beijing, is one kind of Chinese ancient hand-made plant dyeing lining, had more than 1000 years, because its production process is unique, quantity is scarce, the manufacture time is long, request highly skilled, has the characteristic which is smoothly, cool, eliminating the fungus, expelling worms, have the health care function to the skin, is called the soft gold in the past, only the vermilion gate rich people can enjoy.

The watered gauze also named dioscorea cirrhosa yarn, the given name is “the xiang yun … Continue Reading