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The hot England style in autumn and winter

In a moment, autumn has come. Along with the temperature droppod, we can sit by the fire in the country villa in England, listen to the ancient fable story to go to sleep slowly. Have a knitting woolen sweater of the smoky gray colors and the craft feel, or have a wool shawl or furry furs which are full of rose design, these characteristic which are belong to the England style was considered to be the counter-popular mark in the past extremely, but now, it already became the most fashionable attire. Especially the mixed styles which is the favorite of … Continue Reading

The classics returned: the explanation of tendency this fall and winter of 2010

The transmigratory fashion, the fashion of this fall and winter in 2010/2011 is no longer the tendency which is passing away quickly; on the face of it, all seem to have met before or lack the fresh idea: Regardless of what is the keywords, from restores the old to the minimalist luxurious, then to the nationality or the village gracefully, surges in most recent several season already actually.

However, in a higher level, we saw that one kind of the traditional value idea returned, also means the more classics eternal styles will return together. These classics eternal style is the single … Continue Reading