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She should put on the long dress or short skirt when a woman got old

When the woman got old, she should suspend the skirt to a moderate sink, or continue to put on the tutu? It is do with the age in puting on clothes, perhaps it will let you will appear more old mannish.

I attempt to chat with my colleague, but she does not have to listen to me attentively. She was only busy at telling me, my skirt too steadily, and curled my skirt personally, proved her viewpoint. I am unable to restrain to start to ponder that if I am sure to listen to her words … Continue Reading

The first choice is choosing korean dresses with salubrious style in high tempreture

The girl can’t stand if without the most beautiful and graceful Korean Dresses in the continuous high-temperature days, even the sweet flower design is pure and fresh, raises a series of breath, Korean line clipping and tall figure, that’s never a wrong style a girl wear it!

Light Pink Chiffon Dress

Light Pink Chiffon Dress

The soft light pink Chiffon Dress is not only show you more attractive temperament, but also your  best side of gentle, the lovely flower cloth makes the collarband decorate more sweet and … Continue Reading

How to make a fashionable look for ladies In summer

In the fashionable trend of summer, consists of three thematic spread. A kind of style is concise cotton bud silk japanese fashion blouse (of course, Lance peripherals can not be ignored), and also have a kind cannot be ignore is dazzle colour series, finally is the exaggerated.

japanese fashion blouse,korean fashion skirt

japanese fashion blouse,korean fashion skirt

Concise style of top is to be behave, romantic feeling gauze shirt is sweet beauty acme. Korean fashion skirt is lovely nifty, black shorts seven points neutral is … Continue Reading