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The watered gauze history and development

The watered gauze is commonly referred to as gambiered Guangdong silk, the cloud gauze, called Kaosha in Beijing, is one kind of Chinese ancient hand-made plant dyeing lining, had more than 1000 years, because its production process is unique, quantity is scarce, the manufacture time is long, request highly skilled, has the characteristic which is smoothly, cool, eliminating the fungus, expelling worms, have the health care function to the skin, is called the soft gold in the past, only the vermilion gate rich people can enjoy.

The watered gauze also named dioscorea cirrhosa yarn, the given name is “the xiang yun … Continue Reading

The silk’s origin and background

China is the earliest country people raises the silkworm and spinning silk in the world, there are  five millenniums history approximately. Chinese nation’s ancestor not only invented the silk, but also flourishing silk, use silk, make it in the clothing, the economy, art and the culture which send out the bright arts and craftsl, then causes the silk clothes to throw over the world. The three excellent representative in silk fabrics is Sichuan brocade, Suzhou song dynasty brocade, Nanjing Yunjin, until now still had the very high prestige in the world. Therefore, the silk in some sense, has represented the … Continue Reading