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The nude color shoes mould the graceful and restrained lady in summer days

After the many year’s luxury trend, the fashion world starts to give up affectation, but starts a nude color trend. In an instant, the nude color has been ubiquitous, we also can see the the shoes start to remove the magnificent color. When try to design the summer shoes style, the usage of nude color, let us pay the attention to the shoe’s pattern and the design. Puts on them, transforms the light sexy and the graceful affective tone. Processing a pair of nude color shoes, it is worth for you.

Comfortable, brief but not simple actually, the nude color round … Continue Reading

How many pair shoes you should have for a beauty-love girl

Looking from the situation to the clothing’s matching, every kind of altitude and colors sandals you should have, is actually the tradition “three shoes” (i.e. high-heeled shoes, kitten heels, flat shoes) deducts into today’s fashion beautiful shoes choice principle. As for each kind of shoes quantity, just based on the different price range, may act according to the own actual situation proportionate deletion.

1. Stilettos

If asked that in the world, there is anything most to be able to represent the woman, regardless of the men and women, most people’s answered can be high-heeled shoes. The high-heeled shoes interesting part of it … Continue Reading

Several bateau shoes making foot lovable character and style

Spring walked, the summer is coming, you may be used to put on the athletic shoes or high-heeled shoes, you were longing for liberated the both feet certainly, was outstanding the small and exquisite ankle area, trod broken step is enjoying the life. At this time, the bateau shoes are essential.

bateau shoes1

Pink bateau shoes

This flesh color bateau shoes which the section of variety can be moved are quite delicate, very suitable virtuous young woman to match the leisure attire. Just like the feeling that the … Continue Reading

Candy color paint shoes lets you lovely and mature

Do you still a little girl wearing who is not grown up but wear canvas shoes?  Now is the time to say goodby to bloom, want to have lovely and mature? Then try to use a pair of beauty candy color paint shoes to meet your requirements.

Yellow diamond is glaring, let a person hangs in sweet atmosphere, sweet little cloth is more special, let people move at a moment really!


The pink paint high-heeled shoes looks rather delicate, bright pink of three layers strap add the sweet degree, … Continue Reading

The new standard of Europe made the Chinese shoe enterprise accelerate the transformation and upgrading

The new regulations,  it has a new legal requirements as follows,  in exporting products such as shoes use PVC material,  DEHP (restrict the use of phthalic acid esters),  DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and BBP phthalic acid (phenyl butyl acrylate) will be limited to be used. The corresponding DINP (phthalic acid esters), the DIDP phthalic acid (fd) and the second DNOP (phthalic acid esters), these essien should not exceed the composition of 0.1%. The new standard of our country footwear -highly traditional industries, that export far-reaching influence for the domestic shoe products as export will be faced with severe life.

For chinese shoe … Continue Reading