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The usage principles of Perfume

Many people like to use Perfume when they may participate some special parties, but do you know the principles to use Perfume?

Principle one: Chooses the perfume according to fragrance time. If you need it to have an effect for 5 hours at least, such as participates in party, you will bring very small handbags, which will not hold the big scent-bottle. Then you will choose the vial top perfume.

Principle two: Chooses the perfume according to fragrance type which you like, such as the flower, the fruit and so on. But some people smell the rich flowers fragrance, will … Continue Reading

Be handy with perfume

The perfume should be the first thing before you put on clothes. After taking the bath, before putting on clothes, you should spray it first. After washing hair, when the hair will be dry, you can spurt on the favorite perfume. After wearing, please spurts on the same perfume in the position of body which the warm pulse beat, like wrist, knee. The amount of usage depends on the regulation of climate, if the climate is dry, then use more, it will send out slowly and maintains for a long time; When the climate is moist, starts with … Continue Reading