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The office lady’s new rules of fashion

In the job market, dressing is a knowledge for the office lady, especially in the summer, cannot too old-fashioned and too exposed. But what’s the standard dressing? Just putting on the clothing appropriately, let you look like to be full of temperament, self-confident and more professional. Do not let the appearance bring the counterproductive, or it will destroy your specialized image.

In addition, if circumstances permit, may also choose the ventilation material inner wear, even the T-shirt or Henry collar tops, the major is preparing a section of neat material frivolous western-style clothing in the office momentarily, … Continue Reading

Creates fashionable graceful temperament

Are you a fashionable, generous respectable, wise Office Lady? Then do you know how to put on what kind of clothes in what kind of situation, how to become a fashionable and refined girl in the office or other situation?

The chapter of temperamental white-collar working

The white-collar beautiful girls fight on the work place, not only wants the innermost feelings to be formidable, the semblance beautification can also help her to enhance self-confidence, lets the changed hairstyle make the girl’s dress up is no longer arid seriously. The romantic curl hair shows office lady’s charming completely, sends out the gentle and … Continue Reading

How to choose the korean dresses for Minimalism Office Lady

Fashionable white-collar can dress up to be younger under the current tenderness that the pattern of tiny flowers is popular in the hot season, but finally, you must collect the thoughts, because graceful and noble should be the electing of the most appropriate makings for Office Lady. Therefore, lets us abandon the pattern of tiny flowers temporarily, renowned the solemn natural young woman.

The plain-colored Korean Dresses is the invariable classics forever is in the wardrobe for all Office Lady, the succinct agile style is received this kind of females’ affection deeply, just like in the working … Continue Reading