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Made In China – cheap but not fashionable

For many people, what“Made in China” is representing? The audiences said: cheap but non-fashionable. It seems that China has been most impossible to develop the fashionable industrial state.

Certainly, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates regarding Dalian Trands western-style clothes’ affection, let the domestic clothing profession also collect the honor. To this emerging brand, hope it to be able to benefit in this part of the profit rich luxury goods market in the future among Gucci, Amarni, Prada.

in 2009, the Chinese luxury goods sale grows 12%, climbs to 9.6 billion US dollars, occupied 27.5% of global markets.

But the analyst believed that … Continue Reading

a new definition of luxury after the financial crisis

Compares to the ordinary 2009, in the first two quarters of 2010, the European luxurious brand’s sale growth has achieved 2 figures generally. Some analyst believed that this is a big eruption after the financial crisis in previous two years, which the consumer is constrained to purchase the luxury goods which they want, but what’s the prospect will go on?

Regarding the phenomenon of luxury goods sale growth, another kind of explanation is, except the rich and powerful people and so on ultra high-end expense crowd, the proletariat populace’s strength may not belittle – - this concern with the brand strategy. … Continue Reading