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Want to choose and match the ultra long dress in summer [lession 4]

Neat sense of reality cowboy material subvert tradition element, changes jeans rough sincere feeling, moreover the light cowboy lining, will have more changeable element in the design, the Limi Feu outline feeling can show the feminine abundant rhyme, the gentle luster is OFFICE girl’s best choice.

The matching of cowboy in detail in the spring and summer of 2010, will let us be pleasantly surprised, the cowboy natural uninhibited and the chiffon tiny flowers delightfully lovable, is hand-in-hand processing truely, the cowboy may also become very sexy, so long as several rivet’s embellishments.

The tannin is the popular colors this season, matches … Continue Reading

Want to choose and match the ultra long dress in summer [lession 2]

The focal point of this quarter fashion trend changes over to 90 styles gradually from 80 styles, to a certain extent, the loose leisure’s free attire in young consumer market, the prospect is very ideal. Random proportion matching, does old, mixes builds and so on, you find them at everywhere, the free attire as one desires has replaced the rigorous clothing gradually. But the loose T-shirt dress attire is “90 nirvanas” essential list under this tendency.

The sportswear may also become very fashionable, the spacious skirt pendulum accompanies the stack-up chiffon to spin, the tight-fitting clothes practice moral culture, … Continue Reading

Want to choose and match the ultra long dress in summer [lession 1]

The graceful elegant beautiful long dress was dressed by the girl who loves to look beautiful, that is the beautiful picture in the reality, then the long dress will be more popular, even if the miniskirt smart and sex, but insufficient graceful actually, so, the long dress will be pop. However,  it is difficult for many people to choose a suitable long dress. Luckily, you may find the better answer here:

This spring and summer of 2010, Moroccan as fast as the Bohemian Style, more and more popular, lets many people unexpected. The material of choice will highlight the stereoscopic effect … Continue Reading