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South Korean accessories: new popular accessories this summer 2010

The South Korean accessories is unique in the accessories world, South Korea was rich in the diamond drill bit, the copper mine, the platinum gold since the old times, in addition Korean glorious jewelry fabrication technology, carve and polish technology achieve South Korea accessories noble, elegant unique makings. Under the korean play’s influence, the South Korean Fashion accessories become fashionable in the entire China rapidly. No matter in the super market, or in dazzling accessories shop, South Korean accessories are always most outstanding commodity. It can always capture the girl’s heart easily, let the female … Continue Reading

Korean Fashion newest fashionable jewelry snatches the fresh attraction

Continuously, the Korean Fashion accessories attract many fashion male and pretty girls because of its unique, in addition the kind, the fashion work and design. Here we collect some newest fashionable jewelry to show you in following, lets you release snatches the fresh attraction, becomes fashion Daren.

The heart shape earring

The heart shape’s design, matching the level sharp color drills gradually, full of the smart-alecky feeling, and very delightful.

Pearl ball C circle earring

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The riotous crystal accessories compose the romantic love

At the dazzles moment, there is only your love in my eyes, will be stationed in the heart both of us forever, represents a story which we pass through, section, romantic and warm ……The crystal accessories glisten brightly, composes section of beautiful love for you. Wears section of crystal accessories, glistens the modelling for your!

The people recognize and really love, a riot of color, the fashion design, the classical element and so on, makes the highest quality crystal with the best product, presents it as a gift to the girl friend, the family member, the elders, will be … Continue Reading

Korean fashion necklace attract you in summer

1. naked color big pearl necklace

Golden color pearl is more popular this year, nude pins tries to decorate,  Let elegant pearl had leap clever, Let the wearer look younger than before.

TIP: the collocation of color and the fair maiden dress nude Tee,  jeans are appropriate and artistic quality.

To: Sweet little girl, elegant light ripe.

2.  the colour bar splicing necklace

Color, design of irregular form a simple but full of amorous feelings,  A single wear or increase xionghua wearing is very good choice.

TIP: tie-in and recreational stripe dress to Tee or Bohemian have different customs.

To: fashionable tide female, … Continue Reading