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All shapes and colors soft jewelry make the focal point

The soft jewelry, as the name suggests, is arranges with the rope, silk-tree flower, cotton material, and leather material to manufacture the light and soft quality jewelry. In the summer days, if you  don’t have the decoration to match the soft jewelry, then you are possibly falling behind.  In the summer days, the soft jewelry is a good choice to wear to window-shopping and travel.

This very delightful lovable chiffon material necklace, the beautiful flowers bloom in your front, are you unable to resist her entice gently and charmingly?


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Got ache easily if wears the bracelet on the right hand?

The weather is getting warmer day by day, the beautiful women start to wear the attractive bangle, the bracelet. Many people thought that wears the jewelry also to say “male left female right”, moreover wears in the right hand, the attractive jewelry has more demonstration opportunities. But do you know that it is very possibly to make your right wrist to be injured. Some reports showed that one kind of sickness named “carpal tunnel syndrome”, has the relations with the bangle and bracelet.

In actual life, we always use our right hand, especially the office work’s female, the wrist moves repeatedly … Continue Reading

Wearing several ultra attractive fashionable korean bracelets to show your unique temperament

The attractive jewelry for Korean Fashion is most loves for the girls in summer forever, it is very helpful to change the overall molding and temperament, has the unnegligible function, are you wanting to attempt too?

The exaggerating classics bracelet, is the basic design which the girls always aspire to seek, no matter how the fashionable tidal current does change immediately, the natural neat bracelet, is in best decoration of hands in the summer forever. But the classics are not equal to monotonously, the exquisite detail is its outstanding place. Matches the virtuous young woman chiffon dress, … Continue Reading

Korean Fashion newest fashionable jewelry snatches the fresh attraction

Continuously, the Korean Fashion accessories attract many fashion male and pretty girls because of its unique, in addition the kind, the fashion work and design. Here we collect some newest fashionable jewelry to show you in following, lets you release snatches the fresh attraction, becomes fashion Daren.

The heart shape earring

The heart shape’s design, matching the level sharp color drills gradually, full of the smart-alecky feeling, and very delightful.

Pearl ball C circle earring

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How to make a fashionable look for ladies In summer

In the fashionable trend of summer, consists of three thematic spread. A kind of style is concise cotton bud silk japanese fashion blouse (of course, Lance peripherals can not be ignored), and also have a kind cannot be ignore is dazzle colour series, finally is the exaggerated.

japanese fashion blouse,korean fashion skirt

japanese fashion blouse,korean fashion skirt

Concise style of top is to be behave, romantic feeling gauze shirt is sweet beauty acme. Korean fashion skirt is lovely nifty, black shorts seven points neutral is … Continue Reading

The 7th international gold pearl jade exhibition of Guangzhou was held successfully

The 7th international gold jewels show on June 20,  will be held at guangzhou jinhan exhibition center in ended,  nearly 150 home from Canada,  China,  Hong Kong,  Japan,  Taiwan,  Thailand,  Turkey,  and the united Arab emirates exhibitors at the four-day fair show,  quality,  affordable jewelry and jewelry materials, attracted a lot of local and overseas buyers to purchase.  The exhibition visitors is more than last year, it is inspiring.

The panyu district of guangzhou fair continues to get more industry association and the support, the success.  Guangzhou panyu district jewelry manufactured and panyu chromatic gem joint committee organized more than 40 … Continue Reading