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Come into fashion, the retro designer handbags, in autumn and winter of 2010

In this autumn and winter of 2010, the retro designer handbags will be popular. The world is no longer belong to the IT bag, and the handbag’s usability and wear-resisting becomes important especially. Now lets us take a look at the trend of four different style designer bags.

1. Furs Handbags
The fur, as the name suggests, it would to let the human feel warm specially (no matter the real furs or false furs), even though you have 1000 reasons not to buy the furs, you are unable to reject the splendid enticement of the furs. Make a … Continue Reading

Will you fall in love with the unconventional handbags this summer

The colorful summer days come at the appointed time. For a moment, bright sun shines down, but there is a fierce storm at that time, change from one extreme to the other. Do you want to go to the seashore at bright sunshine days? Or would you like to dabble in water when raining? In a word, you cannot go to take vacation, but the heart wants to go on vocation. Whether your heart also start to move to the vocation?

At this moment, the unmirthful handbags was not the best choice obviously already which is too seriously, may … Continue Reading

Why a girl needs handbags

Handbags is a luxury and necessity for a girl, they can’t stand to go to the street without a handbag, no matter it is a top brand or normal handbag, if they don’t have it, they will not go to shopping, but stay at home, of course, you can’t see a girl who does not take a handbag to work on the road, why? Just no any reasons, that’s their necessity, they will be uncomfortable without handbag, at anytime, anywhere.

You may say woman love to wear, colorful dresses, jewelry, glass and other trinket. Yes, that’s … Continue Reading