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Creates fashionable graceful temperament

Are you a fashionable, generous respectable, wise Office Lady? Then do you know how to put on what kind of clothes in what kind of situation, how to become a fashionable and refined girl in the office or other situation?

The chapter of temperamental white-collar working

The white-collar beautiful girls fight on the work place, not only wants the innermost feelings to be formidable, the semblance beautification can also help her to enhance self-confidence, lets the changed hairstyle make the girl’s dress up is no longer arid seriously. The romantic curl hair shows office lady’s charming completely, sends out the gentle and … Continue Reading

The nude color shoes mould the graceful and restrained lady in summer days

After the many year’s luxury trend, the fashion world starts to give up affectation, but starts a nude color trend. In an instant, the nude color has been ubiquitous, we also can see the the shoes start to remove the magnificent color. When try to design the summer shoes style, the usage of nude color, let us pay the attention to the shoe’s pattern and the design. Puts on them, transforms the light sexy and the graceful affective tone. Processing a pair of nude color shoes, it is worth for you.

Comfortable, brief but not simple actually, the nude color round … Continue Reading