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The so-called fashion, is just an emotional state

The concept of fashion in the west, is probably established in the Louis XIV time, that is one old luxurious principle. Now, the luxury goods are not the mysterious which only a handful of people can have, but is the dream which the most people release to be willing to do.

The reason that Paris can become the fashionable strategic place, on the one hand it goes with the past, on the other hand, because the French government will define it as “the creativity industry”, but not “the textile profession”. Now there are 30% GDP of entire France is coming from … Continue Reading

So fashionable and practical, the PVC material plastic ornaments will be more and more popular

Actually, we can make the things in fashionable but also practical, may satisfy both sides definitely. In this beautiful season, the plastic decorations which are translucent as jelly attract many people quietly.

The plastic shoes is environmental-friendly and practical

The present plastic shoes, changed the “simply” image than ever before, have the waterproofing, ventilation, comfortable characteristic, also joined with bright contrast color design, and fashionable high-heeled style, some have even mounted the quartz, increased the popularity greatly.

And there is another important reason that the plastic shoes can be popular is its environmental-friendly but also practical characteristic. The factories took the PVC material … Continue Reading

To be really fashionable, how much it is?

You can spend 1000 or 10 million dollars to be more fashionable, but 10 million dollars do not mean that it is expensive than a gold which is worth 1000 dollars only, do you hear that a man takes many gold card is most fashionable in the world?

Nobody can deny that 1 million dollars Aston Martin is fashionable, but the man who processes it is not fashionable really. The shopping amount’s digit can promulgate many phenomena, but cannot become the only reference standard to say if it is fashionable or not. To be fashionable, you should spend money generously unavoidably, … Continue Reading