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Seriousness and sexy will be the woman’s fashion new role in fall and winter of 2010

In the past’s culture, the strong feminine image always appeared in the fashionable magazine.

Changes in the feminine image, often follows clothing’s evolution to produce.

The fall and winter is closed, but many women start to doubt actually, facing the new season which arrives immediately, which image she should own? Regardless of being the critic who is a group always follows the fashion development or the zealot who knows the fashion in a short time, both had discovered female attire is at variance with the former new style of 2010 fall and winter by prior agreement. With the fashion trend’s entirely different … Continue Reading

Jumpsuits entices, cool summer

This season, what popular item you cannot neglect? It is Jumpsuit absolutely! What is Jumpsuit? Originally it refers to parachuting the attire, afterward this kind of similar Lianshen pantsuit, was called “Jumpsuit”in general. But many work clothes also make this kind of suit style, becomes the popular list in this season of  “the street wear fashion trend”.

Undoubtedly, Jumpsuit is not suitable to all shape of body, although the fiery miniature design can infinite elongate your both legs this season, but regarding the plentiful personal appearance, it is a huge challenge. But it is still not to be able to prevent … Continue Reading

Skirt fashionable index is based on the appropriate transparency

This season, the fashionable index does not look at the shoe altitude, does not look at the skirt length, but must look at the transparency of lining! The high-quality crepe georgette, duke satin is manufactured limpidly incomparable, regardless of being transparent or partly visible, entrusts with the lofty nude color or the beige color accent, unfolds the woman’s gently and beautiful.

40%-50% transparencies: This is the best criterion that you get into the office, the slightly gloss lining is showing the lofty makings, is suitable to match the decoration in the same color.

60%-70% transparencies: the lace, the lotus leaf is the … Continue Reading

Nude color fashion will be the most popular in the autumn and winter of 2010

In the fashion show for the fall and winter of 2010, undoubtedly, is the deduction of romantic and graceful sexy, from the flower bud silk element’s application, arrives at the nude color in vogue, the designers must bring a person’s feminine charm development in this autumn and winter for us.

Undoubtedly, the essential color is the neutral nude color (flesh colors) in fall and winter of 2010. The natural tone and the pink and white were joined have lightened mood in this fashion show for the fall and winter of 2010. And the flesh colors tone and the skin color ash … Continue Reading

Dot may be the fashion trend of female attire dye printing in spring and summer 2011

Dot design Polka dots will be popular in spring and summer of next year soon, actually in the last year,it has been obvious, many top fashion designer started to design master to start to use this element in theirs RUNWAY clothing, looked like D&G, Gucci and so on. On this spring RUNWAY is more obvious, even on RUNWAY in fall and winter this year, D&G will use a many garden frivolous lining moreover, and for the vacation series in the next year, Macr Jacobs and some other designers, also wrote an essay greatly on the dot.

Regarding … Continue Reading

Lace new face is the fashion trend in fall and winter 2010 to 2011

Lace as a popular fashion trend, will continue to the autumn and winter from 2010 to 2011. this year we will have different shapes and forms of lace on the dresses, shirts, coats and shoes and bags.

Referred to lace, they are fine, soft and so sexy in our mind. lace has particular fascination, may be naked skin appropriate but keep out one part of body at the same time. The partly visible desire obstructs also the bashful sex appeal, lets the human want to stop but cannot. This quarter’s flower … Continue Reading

restoring ancient ways from the 1970 is one of winter trend in 2010

In the 1970s has appeared a few seasons,  at 10 to 11 month are most commercialized in autumn and winter.  Consider the 1970s movies,  from “love story” Ali,  the MacGraw to Diane in the film “Annie hall” modelling,  or in the advertising Girl Charlie perfume.

More importantly,  fashionable in today already matures,  one is no longer the imprint of pure style or representation,  but give a lot of space to mix.  Like this season than the 1970s can grow skirt collocation of new-style clumsy look the sweater jacket,  or pilots.  Of course outline is long and slim,  … Continue Reading