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What is Haute Couture?

Haute Couture is the highest in the fashion world, originating from Paris famous designer Charles Frederic Worth high-level, he founded the beginning of Haute Couture in Paris in 1858, and become the representative which the French advocated the luxurious ancient tradition, is named as “Haute Couture”. But English borrows French usage directly.

In the world of fashion, Haute Couture means the commanding point of the luxury, is having the unattainable privilege. Behind the dramatic buzz, the lead creativity of Haute Couture, has the great importance enlightenment function for the future fashionable trend. Many tiny elements can be applied in … Continue Reading

The so-called fashion, is just an emotional state

The concept of fashion in the west, is probably established in the Louis XIV time, that is one old luxurious principle. Now, the luxury goods are not the mysterious which only a handful of people can have, but is the dream which the most people release to be willing to do.

The reason that Paris can become the fashionable strategic place, on the one hand it goes with the past, on the other hand, because the French government will define it as “the creativity industry”, but not “the textile profession”. Now there are 30% GDP of entire France is coming from … Continue Reading

The office lady’s new rules of fashion

In the job market, dressing is a knowledge for the office lady, especially in the summer, cannot too old-fashioned and too exposed. But what’s the standard dressing? Just putting on the clothing appropriately, let you look like to be full of temperament, self-confident and more professional. Do not let the appearance bring the counterproductive, or it will destroy your specialized image.

In addition, if circumstances permit, may also choose the ventilation material inner wear, even the T-shirt or Henry collar tops, the major is preparing a section of neat material frivolous western-style clothing in the office momentarily, … Continue Reading

Do you involve yourself into these bad habits of dressing?

The fashion trend always bring us the different fashionable style and design. The girls who love of beauty, pursue the fashionable clothing unceasingly, or stand on the top of fashion successfully, or laborious but with great interest. However, we saw that many girls pursue the fashion but not according their own stature characteristic. Undoubtedly, it works in the opposite side surely.

So, there are some words we should mention, girls must keep their eyes open when pursuing the fashion, do not purchase and put on it if it is not fit you, or you will be the person who … Continue Reading

Seriousness and sexy will be the woman’s fashion new role in fall and winter of 2010

In the past’s culture, the strong feminine image always appeared in the fashionable magazine.

Changes in the feminine image, often follows clothing’s evolution to produce.

The fall and winter is closed, but many women start to doubt actually, facing the new season which arrives immediately, which image she should own? Regardless of being the critic who is a group always follows the fashion development or the zealot who knows the fashion in a short time, both had discovered female attire is at variance with the former new style of 2010 fall and winter by prior agreement. With the fashion trend’s entirely different … Continue Reading

Korean Fashion newest fashionable jewelry snatches the fresh attraction

Continuously, the Korean Fashion accessories attract many fashion male and pretty girls because of its unique, in addition the kind, the fashion work and design. Here we collect some newest fashionable jewelry to show you in following, lets you release snatches the fresh attraction, becomes fashion Daren.

The heart shape earring

The heart shape’s design, matching the level sharp color drills gradually, full of the smart-alecky feeling, and very delightful.

Pearl ball C circle earring

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Global designs at your fingertips

Global designs at your fingertips

Promoting business via websites like Facebook, Twitter and business-to-business trade portals is nothing new, but the impact is huge and profound. Three-year-old Israel-based Erayo – an online B2B platform for fashion jewellery designers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to connect – is one recent example.

“Designers in different countries simply upload the images of their pieces onto our online channel thumb_BQXW20100615035204_150_70toshowcase them to the whole world. It is user-friendly: everyone can sign up and … Continue Reading

2011 Spring and Summer fashionable trend in the 17th Hong Kong fashion show presentation

As the one of Asian biggest fashion week, Hong Kong fashion show presentation this attracted 21 countries and regions, 1300 exhibitors and 80 international fashion designers, demonstrates the 2011 spring and summer fashionable trend.

The Hong Kong fashion show presentation is to deduce 2011 spring and summer fashionable, full dress exhibits to too many people dazzling, style diversity. Disorderly spend gradually to predict and charming eyes, fashionable trend analysis organization W G SN asia-pacific editor pointed three major 2011 spring and summer trends: through time and space design, unique artistic style of affection and the ronin by simple dress, practical printed … Continue Reading

restoring ancient ways from the 1970 is one of winter trend in 2010

In the 1970s has appeared a few seasons,  at 10 to 11 month are most commercialized in autumn and winter.  Consider the 1970s movies,  from “love story” Ali,  the MacGraw to Diane in the film “Annie hall” modelling,  or in the advertising Girl Charlie perfume.

More importantly,  fashionable in today already matures,  one is no longer the imprint of pure style or representation,  but give a lot of space to mix.  Like this season than the 1970s can grow skirt collocation of new-style clumsy look the sweater jacket,  or pilots.  Of course outline is long and slim,  … Continue Reading

The new standard of Europe made the Chinese shoe enterprise accelerate the transformation and upgrading

The new regulations,  it has a new legal requirements as follows,  in exporting products such as shoes use PVC material,  DEHP (restrict the use of phthalic acid esters),  DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and BBP phthalic acid (phenyl butyl acrylate) will be limited to be used. The corresponding DINP (phthalic acid esters), the DIDP phthalic acid (fd) and the second DNOP (phthalic acid esters), these essien should not exceed the composition of 0.1%. The new standard of our country footwear -highly traditional industries, that export far-reaching influence for the domestic shoe products as export will be faced with severe life.

For chinese shoe … Continue Reading