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The Chinese dress is in vogue to make the classical beautiful woman

The Chinese dress is not declined, but becomes the fashion ancient customs important model, especially in several movies leading, the Chinese dress charm attracted many fashion moist females, the Chinese dress is the best choice the female unfolds the beautiful fascinating’ winsome charming forever.

Unique square neck, threads up the high collar, the unique skirt sweep, highlights the grave refined special characteristic, gathers the tight waist to manifest the feminine exquisite curve sufficiently.

Chinese Dress 1

Chinese Dress 1

The virtuous young woman Chinese Dress, putted on the female, there is the … Continue Reading

Want to choose and match the ultra long dress in summer [lession 2]

The focal point of this quarter fashion trend changes over to 90 styles gradually from 80 styles, to a certain extent, the loose leisure’s free attire in young consumer market, the prospect is very ideal. Random proportion matching, does old, mixes builds and so on, you find them at everywhere, the free attire as one desires has replaced the rigorous clothing gradually. But the loose T-shirt dress attire is “90 nirvanas” essential list under this tendency.

The sportswear may also become very fashionable, the spacious skirt pendulum accompanies the stack-up chiffon to spin, the tight-fitting clothes practice moral culture, … Continue Reading