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The timeless classical of the Stockholm fashion week

Best, is always best. Best to be forever becomes the classics. In this Stockholm fashion week, we experienced numerous shocked styles, also saw the good design, which have been able to let the mind feel the joyful things.

This group of design inspiration originates from Kenya’s daybreak. In the design, it attempts to transmit one kind self-confident and optimistic feeling, which originates from the sky which is fluctuates, originates in the wonderful nature. These designs, what attracted us are the hue utilization: Bright Marseilles Tribe unique red, lagoon green and the savanna unique yellow. These hues map to person’s sense organ, … Continue Reading

Global designs at your fingertips

Global designs at your fingertips

Promoting business via websites like Facebook, Twitter and business-to-business trade portals is nothing new, but the impact is huge and profound. Three-year-old Israel-based Erayo – an online B2B platform for fashion jewellery designers, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers to connect – is one recent example.

“Designers in different countries simply upload the images of their pieces onto our online channel thumb_BQXW20100615035204_150_70toshowcase them to the whole world. It is user-friendly: everyone can sign up and … Continue Reading