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Somewhere we can find Sapphires too?

Last post, we talk about the three biggest country/area of origin of Sapphires all over the world. But do you know some other place can find Sapphires too? Let us take a look at.

1. Thailand: The Thai sapphire assumes the black blue color, the light grey blue color. In the crystal, there is no the silk-like inclusions, but contains fingerprint shape liquid state inclusion. The most obvious characteristic is having the Dutch leaf-shape distribution crack around the black solid state inclusion.

2. China: The deposit dispersal area of the Shandong Changle sapphires is big, many reserves, is also rare in the … Continue Reading

Where is the Sapphire come from?

Sapphire or ruby is like a pair of twin sisters, they are all colorful beautiful gem corundum. the main differences is they captured the different elements of colors in the process of their growth. Ruby trapped the elements of chromium, present red and fuchsia. Sapphire captured the element of iron and tie. Because each gem contains different contents and rates of iron and tie, will present more colors. Today we come to see where is the sapphire come from?

1. India Kashmir: the best colorful sapphire inherent in Kashmir, it has its original indigo blue but has little purple color, the … Continue Reading

Several colors will be the new popular trend in Spring/Summer 2011

Lemon yellow

The yellow is still the most intense color department this quarter, has extended to the narcissus flower vivid bright yellow from the pale shallow grass color.

Prettiest cornflower blue

The pure, fresh blue color, has brought the strong commercial breath for the next season, counter-balanced the monotonous of white color which was taken as the sole color in summer. Its color scope have extended from the most gentle jade millet spiral, the absorbed blue color to the hyacinthus orientalis, the cornflower vivid cobalt blue color department.

Navy blue

No matter what’s the current tendency, the deep navy blue will become the essential deep … Continue Reading