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Be handy with perfume

The perfume should be the first thing before you put on clothes. After taking the bath, before putting on clothes, you should spray it first. After washing hair, when the hair will be dry, you can spurt on the favorite perfume. After wearing, please spurts on the same perfume in the position of body which the warm pulse beat, like wrist, knee. The amount of usage depends on the regulation of climate, if the climate is dry, then use more, it will send out slowly and maintains for a long time; When the climate is moist, starts with … Continue Reading

Nude color is hard to go with? Learn some skills now

The nude color hue originates from the perceptual lip, the facial cast and the body, is the color closed to the skin color, frivolous and transparent, reveals the implicit sexy charm carelessly. But for the Asian females, overcomes the weakness of stature and skin color, putting on the nude color serial clothing with the feelings is really one difficult challenge.

1. The short skirt highlights the composed effect

Nude color is closed to flesh color, besides sex, it often loses the direction in the stature actually. Therefore, we must select the short skirt attire bravely. The vest splicing tutu is … Continue Reading

Attempt to put on the different style clothing to be the standard female

Changing your outerwear look is to change your mood, you also want to have dissimilar happy feeling daily, right? That must start from the clothing, to change our own invariable style, tries to play the new thing, to change the pattern every day, will bring the novel feeling certainly continuously for the people all around of you, will also urge the prosperous own personal connection simultaneously!

1. The Bohemia sunlight

The bright summer arrived already, receives the thick the long dress of winter quickly, is outstanding your sex appeal’s shoulder and the slender leg! The Bohemia dye printing design is … Continue Reading

The history of Chinese clothing

The Chinese clothing history is glorious, might trace to the ancient times. In the Beijing Zhoukoudian ape-man cavern, people excavated the specula which is approximately 18 thousands years old. In the Zhejiang Yuyao Hemudu New Neolithic Age ancient ruins, also found some tubular spicula. Then by inference, these spiculaes were used to sew the primitive clothes at that time.

Chinese ancestor putted on the clothes, which are the apron made by the leaf or the animal skin together at first. Afterward, each dynasty’s clothing had its characteristic, it related with agricultural, the animal husbandry and the spinning and weaving production level … Continue Reading