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What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately?

What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately? It is a bit difficult to answer this question possibly. According to one report, some organization did a survey for more than 12,000 people in 24 countries. They found that the people have different viewpoint to this question. However, generally speaking, the European is putting on casually, but the Indian is most fastidious.

If you like the T-shirts, jeans, the following statistics is possibly helpful for you to consider where you can work. According to the investigation, you should go to Hungary, because there are 12% people to … Continue Reading

The history of Chinese clothing

The Chinese clothing history is glorious, might trace to the ancient times. In the Beijing Zhoukoudian ape-man cavern, people excavated the specula which is approximately 18 thousands years old. In the Zhejiang Yuyao Hemudu New Neolithic Age ancient ruins, also found some tubular spicula. Then by inference, these spiculaes were used to sew the primitive clothes at that time.

Chinese ancestor putted on the clothes, which are the apron made by the leaf or the animal skin together at first. Afterward, each dynasty’s clothing had its characteristic, it related with agricultural, the animal husbandry and the spinning and weaving production level … Continue Reading

She should put on the long dress or short skirt when a woman got old

When the woman got old, she should suspend the skirt to a moderate sink, or continue to put on the tutu? It is do with the age in puting on clothes, perhaps it will let you will appear more old mannish.

I attempt to chat with my colleague, but she does not have to listen to me attentively. She was only busy at telling me, my skirt too steadily, and curled my skirt personally, proved her viewpoint. I am unable to restrain to start to ponder that if I am sure to listen to her words … Continue Reading