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Made In China – cheap but not fashionable

For many people, what“Made in China” is representing? The audiences said: cheap but non-fashionable. It seems that China has been most impossible to develop the fashionable industrial state.

Certainly, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates regarding Dalian Trands western-style clothes’ affection, let the domestic clothing profession also collect the honor. To this emerging brand, hope it to be able to benefit in this part of the profit rich luxury goods market in the future among Gucci, Amarni, Prada.

in 2009, the Chinese luxury goods sale grows 12%, climbs to 9.6 billion US dollars, occupied 27.5% of global markets.

But the analyst believed that … Continue Reading

Spend more, save less

The females advocated to spend much more money on consumption than before, but save less in the bank in urban china. From a Chinese woman magazine, was investigated last year, the females used the 63% of income for expend, but only save 24% money in the bank then.

But 3 year ago, there was an investigation which was from China Daily in 2006 show that the females only use 30% of income to purchase the thing, but there are 55% of income in the bank.

Judging by the most recent spate of statistics, there are 1074 females who are living in 10 … Continue Reading