Start to fight against counterfeit from New York fashion week

This year, in the New York spring/summer 2011 fashion week, will specially pay attention to fight against counterfeit, at the same time, the United States Congress launches the related legislative procedure, has also opened a fashionable clothing law school in New York.

The fashionable clothing law school will open the intellectual property rights, the design paper and the brand registration, international trade, national law and international law and so on related curriculum. The curriculum is opened to the legal science specialized university student and the fashion design student.

The acting principal of the University – Michael Martin indicated that “only the world of fashion, there are more than 800 enterprises in a New York city, the staff number reaches as high as 200 thousand”.

On the Internet, the fashion show is also watched in the world by tens of thousands of people synchronously nearly, therefore, in Asia, Naples or the other place, the underground factory starts to counterfeit the plagiarism related design very quickly.

Fighting against piracy is an urgent matter, the Organizer launches to fight the war which the people use the counterfeit ticket to participate fashion show in the Lincoln center. Many computers and the electronic instrumentation were installed in a bigger place, the staff are being busy at comparing the name list to inspect guest’s status.

Therefore, if you thought that you could add the false seat number or a row of number on the invitation was no longer possible: So long as a scanning bar code, will indicate this audience will be the standing-room clearly in the period of fashion show performance.

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