Somewhere we can find Sapphires too?

Last post, we talk about the three biggest country/area of origin of Sapphires all over the world. But do you know some other place can find Sapphires too? Let us take a look at.

1. Thailand: The Thai sapphire assumes the black blue color, the light grey blue color. In the crystal, there is no the silk-like inclusions, but contains fingerprint shape liquid state inclusion. The most obvious characteristic is having the Dutch leaf-shape distribution crack around the black solid state inclusion.

2. China: The deposit dispersal area of the Shandong Changle sapphires is big, many reserves, is also rare in the world. In the valuable stone sapphire, the inclusions are extremely few, except the black solid state inclusion, also have the fingerprint shape inclusion. The Shandong sapphire assumes nearly the coal black color, like indigo blue, the blue color, the green and the yellow. Rely mainly on the indigo blue, the blue color sapphire seems to be deep dar k color because of the high iron content, needs to be changed countenance processing, enhances the transparency, after changing countenance, because the internal slight defect are few, the sapphire will become translucent, beautiful and good-looking. In China, the Heilongjiang Province, Jiangsu Province, Fujian Province and Hainan Island also have the sapphire to deliver, the output is not big, the quality is not high.

3. Australia: Australia is the output rich sapphire habitat, mainly produces at two places, the east of Queensland state and the new New South Wales state. Here the sapphire often contains the dust shape inclusion, moreover, have quite high iron content, the gem color sends darkly, assumes nearly the carbon black color, like dark blue, the yellow, the green or brown. If the color is too deep even close to black, the value will drop sharply. in 1935, the people discovered a sapphire in the Australian Queensland state, the original stone weigh 2303 carats, the master of art Norman Manis has spent for 1800 hours, carved it to be the famous President Lincoln’s head in the American history.

4. Cambodian Ma Dewang: Cambodian Ma Dewang is also the important sapphire habitat in the world, the sapphire comes from the basalt, the color is very beautiful, and the quality is extremely good, but the pellet is quite small.

The other sapphire habitat country/area also have US’s Montana state, Tanzania, Kenya, Southwest Africa and so on.

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