Several colors will be the new popular trend in Spring/Summer 2011

Lemon yellow

The yellow is still the most intense color department this quarter, has extended to the narcissus flower vivid bright yellow from the pale shallow grass color.

Prettiest cornflower blue

The pure, fresh blue color, has brought the strong commercial breath for the next season, counter-balanced the monotonous of white color which was taken as the sole color in summer. Its color scope have extended from the most gentle jade millet spiral, the absorbed blue color to the hyacinthus orientalis, the cornflower vivid cobalt blue color department.

Navy blue

No matter what’s the current tendency, the deep navy blue will become the essential deep color in the next season, it is suitable widely, is the perfect fit for the coat and short coverall.

Tabaco brown

This is a series melody which has the warm feeling, was concerned with the vogue 70s style. This color department’s clothing fills with the optional style, uses the polishing cotton, the summer leather or imitates skin fabric and so on.

Water color

The water color which fills with the feminine soft, the romantic substitute the strong saturated bright color this quarter, also has replaced the traditional sex-linked colors, what was especially remarkable was the combination of Nude Makeup pink color and any kind of pale color.

Bright color

This is the series which is full of the optimism color, is as the mixture colors which stems from the hands of the art designer, joins naively numerous bright colored with innocence of a child together. The vivid loose malachite green or the water green, collision with the purple, the daisy color, perhaps the mixing flesh color and the orange will attract more people.

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