Put on the beauty and good luck to the body – Tourmaline

What is the fitting jewelry, which is not only can bring the magnificent elegant visual esthetic sense, the luxurious precious psychological experience for you who was born in October, but also can dodge the disadvantageous negative energy for you, and brings you many lucky, the great popularity in work place? The answer is the jewelry of Tourmaline. As October’s birthday stone, the Tourmaline is suitable gem for the people who was born in October, put on the beauty and lucky to the body, why not?

What good luck the Tourmaline can bring for the October fresh person?

It is said that the Tourmaline may emit the affinity magnetic field, regarding the leader makings person, may attract more people to your side in the work place naturally, and may separate man from his fellow men, melt the interpersonal each kind of conflict and contradiction. But regarding the human body, the Tourmaline itself has the positive influence to metabolism and endocrine activity, and may balance the interior field, causes the masculine and feminine elements to be well distributed even more.



1. The black Tourmaline: Helps you to evade and eliminate the negative energy

It may remove the pressure, wearily, the foul air effectively, improves the health, make you have good luck. For the people, who is easy to be frightened and send the nightmare when sleeping in the night, lays the black Tourmaline, has the function to stable spatial energy field, and may exorcise evil spirits. It ss helpful in protecting the patient without the external interference, recuperates with single-hearted devotion, speeds up the recovery speed.

2.The blue Tourmaline: Helps you to increase the communication ability and sensitivity

It may strengthen the communication ability, the power of expression and the persuasive ability effectively. Regarding the excessively straightforward, generously, natural, the warm person, who is easy to suffer a loss of used by others incautiously, wears the blue Tourmaline to be possible to balance this kind of individuality.

3. The green Tourmaline: Let you happy, joyful and satisfied, also called the stone of the wealth

The green light is the light of the wealth, and can let the person mood joyful, friendly disposition leads to wealth. The green light is easy to help you to hand over the good friend, the good relations, the good fate, also easy to obtain the boss’s recognition and the honored person helps one another. For the people, who handles the matter to be worn out, the heart is unwilling, sentiment hoping, the green Tourmaline is helpful to discover the pleasure of the work, and let you glad to the investment, whole-heartedly, obtain the self-realization satisfied pleasant sensation.

4. The rose Tourmaline: Draws on the wonderful love, strengthens the good relationship

The Tourmaline red color distribution is broad, many are between the pink and the mahogany-red, the minority scarlet red is as the ruby’s color, its energy causes the human warm, bold, to be open and bright, to be comfortable, helps you to strengthen the personal connection. Wears the rose Tourmaline is easy to obtain the wonderful love, the ideal companion, or causes the cordiality to be thicker between the husbands and wives.

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