How to make a fashionable look for ladies In summer

In the fashionable trend of summer, consists of three thematic spread. A kind of style is concise cotton bud silk japanese fashion blouse (of course, Lance peripherals can not be ignored), and also have a kind cannot be ignore is dazzle colour series, finally is the exaggerated.

japanese fashion blouse,korean fashion skirt

japanese fashion blouse,korean fashion skirt

Concise style of top is to be behave, romantic feeling gauze shirt is sweet beauty acme. Korean fashion skirt is lovely nifty, black shorts seven points neutral is … Continue Reading

2011 Spring and Summer fashionable trend in the 17th Hong Kong fashion show presentation

As the one of Asian biggest fashion week, Hong Kong fashion show presentation this attracted 21 countries and regions, 1300 exhibitors and 80 international fashion designers, demonstrates the 2011 spring and summer fashionable trend.

The Hong Kong fashion show presentation is to deduce 2011 spring and summer fashionable, full dress exhibits to too many people dazzling, style diversity. Disorderly spend gradually to predict and charming eyes, fashionable trend analysis organization W G SN asia-pacific editor pointed three major 2011 spring and summer trends: through time and space design, unique artistic style of affection and the ronin by simple dress, practical printed … Continue Reading

restoring ancient ways from the 1970 is one of winter trend in 2010

In the 1970s has appeared a few seasons,  at 10 to 11 month are most commercialized in autumn and winter.  Consider the 1970s movies,  from “love story” Ali,  the MacGraw to Diane in the film “Annie hall” modelling,  or in the advertising Girl Charlie perfume.

More importantly,  fashionable in today already matures,  one is no longer the imprint of pure style or representation,  but give a lot of space to mix.  Like this season than the 1970s can grow skirt collocation of new-style clumsy look the sweater jacket,  or pilots.  Of course outline is long and slim,  … Continue Reading

The new standard of Europe made the Chinese shoe enterprise accelerate the transformation and upgrading

The new regulations,  it has a new legal requirements as follows,  in exporting products such as shoes use PVC material,  DEHP (restrict the use of phthalic acid esters),  DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and BBP phthalic acid (phenyl butyl acrylate) will be limited to be used. The corresponding DINP (phthalic acid esters), the DIDP phthalic acid (fd) and the second DNOP (phthalic acid esters), these essien should not exceed the composition of 0.1%. The new standard of our country footwear -highly traditional industries, that export far-reaching influence for the domestic shoe products as export will be faced with severe life.

For chinese shoe … Continue Reading

The 7th international gold pearl jade exhibition of Guangzhou was held successfully

The 7th international gold jewels show on June 20,  will be held at guangzhou jinhan exhibition center in ended,  nearly 150 home from Canada,  China,  Hong Kong,  Japan,  Taiwan,  Thailand,  Turkey,  and the united Arab emirates exhibitors at the four-day fair show,  quality,  affordable jewelry and jewelry materials, attracted a lot of local and overseas buyers to purchase.  The exhibition visitors is more than last year, it is inspiring.

The panyu district of guangzhou fair continues to get more industry association and the support, the success.  Guangzhou panyu district jewelry manufactured and panyu chromatic gem joint committee organized more than 40 … Continue Reading

Korean fashion necklace attract you in summer

1. naked color big pearl necklace

Golden color pearl is more popular this year, nude pins tries to decorate,  Let elegant pearl had leap clever, Let the wearer look younger than before.

TIP: the collocation of color and the fair maiden dress nude Tee,  jeans are appropriate and artistic quality.

To: Sweet little girl, elegant light ripe.

2.  the colour bar splicing necklace

Color, design of irregular form a simple but full of amorous feelings,  A single wear or increase xionghua wearing is very good choice.

TIP: tie-in and recreational stripe dress to Tee or Bohemian have different customs.

To: fashionable tide female, … Continue Reading

Why a girl needs handbags

Handbags is a luxury and necessity for a girl, they can’t stand to go to the street without a handbag, no matter it is a top brand or normal handbag, if they don’t have it, they will not go to shopping, but stay at home, of course, you can’t see a girl who does not take a handbag to work on the road, why? Just no any reasons, that’s their necessity, they will be uncomfortable without handbag, at anytime, anywhere.

You may say woman love to wear, colorful dresses, jewelry, glass and other trinket. Yes, that’s … Continue Reading

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