The nude color shoes mould the graceful and restrained lady in summer days

After the many year’s luxury trend, the fashion world starts to give up affectation, but starts a nude color trend. In an instant, the nude color has been ubiquitous, we also can see the the shoes start to remove the magnificent color. When try to design the summer shoes style, the usage of nude color, let us pay the attention to the shoe’s pattern and the design. Puts on them, transforms the light sexy and the graceful affective tone. Processing a pair of nude color shoes, it is worth for you.

Comfortable, brief but not simple actually, the nude color round … Continue Reading

The watered gauze’s characteristic and outstanding features

Although the watered gauze is one kind of pure silk, it is different from the pure silk. The pure silk is elegant, frivolous, gets wet easily, and ladders easily. But the watered gauze lining is very extravagant, sense of reality, will not stick on the body after the perspiration, will be cool. Therefore the people in Guangdong area like to put it on!

The unique tactile impression and colors of watered gauze let many people feel that it is not too easy to match other wearing. The designers puts forward a very good proposal: The watered gauze is one kind … Continue Reading

Attempt to put on the different style clothing to be the standard female

Changing your outerwear look is to change your mood, you also want to have dissimilar happy feeling daily, right? That must start from the clothing, to change our own invariable style, tries to play the new thing, to change the pattern every day, will bring the novel feeling certainly continuously for the people all around of you, will also urge the prosperous own personal connection simultaneously!

1. The Bohemia sunlight

The bright summer arrived already, receives the thick the long dress of winter quickly, is outstanding your sex appeal’s shoulder and the slender leg! The Bohemia dye printing design is … Continue Reading

The recent situation of watered gauze’s development

In recent years, the watered gauze scenery is no longer already, and there is only one factory to watered gauze in the world, produce less than 400,000 meters every year, half export, half in the domestic sale. Because the insufficient output in the recent years, the price is very expensive, therefore, putting on clothes which is made by watered gauze, has become one status and position symbol.

The reason that watered gauze faced with this condition, on the one hand is the present clothing material is having many choice, moreover is the production process is complex extremely. The raw … Continue Reading

Wearing several ultra attractive fashionable korean bracelets to show your unique temperament

The attractive jewelry for Korean Fashion is most loves for the girls in summer forever, it is very helpful to change the overall molding and temperament, has the unnegligible function, are you wanting to attempt too?

The exaggerating classics bracelet, is the basic design which the girls always aspire to seek, no matter how the fashionable tidal current does change immediately, the natural neat bracelet, is in best decoration of hands in the summer forever. But the classics are not equal to monotonously, the exquisite detail is its outstanding place. Matches the virtuous young woman chiffon dress, … Continue Reading

The watered gauze history and development

The watered gauze is commonly referred to as gambiered Guangdong silk, the cloud gauze, called Kaosha in Beijing, is one kind of Chinese ancient hand-made plant dyeing lining, had more than 1000 years, because its production process is unique, quantity is scarce, the manufacture time is long, request highly skilled, has the characteristic which is smoothly, cool, eliminating the fungus, expelling worms, have the health care function to the skin, is called the soft gold in the past, only the vermilion gate rich people can enjoy.

The watered gauze also named dioscorea cirrhosa yarn, the given name is “the xiang yun … Continue Reading

Lace complex is making the romantic sexy socialite make-up

A piece dress is dotted with lace was the biggest dream for many girls in childhood probably. But in this quarter, the lace is no longer resigned to be the clothing’s embellishment only, but has become the inspiration fountainhead of the exquisite make-up, interweaves the female delightfully, graceful, the sexy appeal, and even the luxurious eternal charm. To awake your lace plot, making the romantic sexy socialite make-up.

The lace complex of fashion world, burst out the inspiration of make-up.

The lace’s sexy, delightful and the fashion leads us to return the exquisite, the luxurious classicism time, therefore in the fashion show, … Continue Reading

How to choose the korean dresses for Minimalism Office Lady

Fashionable white-collar can dress up to be younger under the current tenderness that the pattern of tiny flowers is popular in the hot season, but finally, you must collect the thoughts, because graceful and noble should be the electing of the most appropriate makings for Office Lady. Therefore, lets us abandon the pattern of tiny flowers temporarily, renowned the solemn natural young woman.

The plain-colored Korean Dresses is the invariable classics forever is in the wardrobe for all Office Lady, the succinct agile style is received this kind of females’ affection deeply, just like in the working … Continue Reading

The classics returned: the explanation of tendency this fall and winter of 2010

The transmigratory fashion, the fashion of this fall and winter in 2010/2011 is no longer the tendency which is passing away quickly; on the face of it, all seem to have met before or lack the fresh idea: Regardless of what is the keywords, from restores the old to the minimalist luxurious, then to the nationality or the village gracefully, surges in most recent several season already actually.

However, in a higher level, we saw that one kind of the traditional value idea returned, also means the more classics eternal styles will return together. These classics eternal style is the single … Continue Reading

Seriousness and sexy will be the woman’s fashion new role in fall and winter of 2010

In the past’s culture, the strong feminine image always appeared in the fashionable magazine.

Changes in the feminine image, often follows clothing’s evolution to produce.

The fall and winter is closed, but many women start to doubt actually, facing the new season which arrives immediately, which image she should own? Regardless of being the critic who is a group always follows the fashion development or the zealot who knows the fashion in a short time, both had discovered female attire is at variance with the former new style of 2010 fall and winter by prior agreement. With the fashion trend’s entirely different … Continue Reading

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