The timeless classical of the Stockholm fashion week

Best, is always best. Best to be forever becomes the classics. In this Stockholm fashion week, we experienced numerous shocked styles, also saw the good design, which have been able to let the mind feel the joyful things.

This group of design inspiration originates from Kenya’s daybreak. In the design, it attempts to transmit one kind self-confident and optimistic feeling, which originates from the sky which is fluctuates, originates in the wonderful nature. These designs, what attracted us are the hue utilization: Bright Marseilles Tribe unique red, lagoon green and the savanna unique yellow. These hues map to person’s sense organ, … Continue Reading

Put on the Fake Brands to be easy to make the human to lie?

Please paying attention that the people who like to buy the fake brand products in the Chinatown: The fake brand goods not only let you dress up to be inexpensive, they will also tarnish your soul. The researchers who are from Harvard Business school and Duke University discovered that these ladies who put on or wear the fake brand products are easier to lie, deceit and have the hatred human nature tendency.

In the first experiment, the females who participated in experiment have to put on the eyeglasses of Chloe to make each kind of honest test. Half ladies are informed … Continue Reading

Spend more, save less

The females advocated to spend much more money on consumption than before, but save less in the bank in urban china. From a Chinese woman magazine, was investigated last year, the females used the 63% of income for expend, but only save 24% money in the bank then.

But 3 year ago, there was an investigation which was from China Daily in 2006 show that the females only use 30% of income to purchase the thing, but there are 55% of income in the bank.

Judging by the most recent spate of statistics, there are 1074 females who are living in 10 … Continue Reading

Come into fashion, the retro designer handbags, in autumn and winter of 2010

In this autumn and winter of 2010, the retro designer handbags will be popular. The world is no longer belong to the IT bag, and the handbag’s usability and wear-resisting becomes important especially. Now lets us take a look at the trend of four different style designer bags.

1. Furs Handbags
The fur, as the name suggests, it would to let the human feel warm specially (no matter the real furs or false furs), even though you have 1000 reasons not to buy the furs, you are unable to reject the splendid enticement of the furs. Make a … Continue Reading

Ease and Lead – Berlin fashion week

Everyone knows that it is not so easy to mount the world fashion territory, but Berlin has been trying hard. Berlin fashion week has not been able with four big fashion week – - Paris, Milan, London, New York to place on a par temporarily. In Berlin fashion week, the buyers are most from  German native place, and the designers quantity is not so many as considerable. As well as the domestic major brands such as Jil Sander, Escada, will not participate in too. But since 2007, Berlin fashion week has set up, it grows steadfastly and powerfully. In … Continue Reading

The hot England style in autumn and winter

In a moment, autumn has come. Along with the temperature droppod, we can sit by the fire in the country villa in England, listen to the ancient fable story to go to sleep slowly. Have a knitting woolen sweater of the smoky gray colors and the craft feel, or have a wool shawl or furry furs which are full of rose design, these characteristic which are belong to the England style was considered to be the counter-popular mark in the past extremely, but now, it already became the most fashionable attire. Especially the mixed styles which is the favorite of … Continue Reading

Fashion trend: Bright blue in autumn and winter of 2010 and 2011

On the fashion show of autumn and winter between 2010 and 2011, the bright blue appearance has started a blue color storm undoubtedly, stirred the deep love and yearned in the people innermost feelings against the blue color once again. The blue color was annotated to melancholy, elegant by the designers frequently, but on this year, the bright blue will bring one kind of future fashion feeling to the people. Its beauty does not look like red which is such gorgeous, also does not have the enthusiasm of color orange, and not like the nude color which is gentle and … Continue Reading

Mod style, the past 50 years of England fashion

The age which was called “swinging sixties” past 50 years already. On the 21st century’s T stage, is staging the 60s again and again actually. In the fall and winters of 2010, the 60s style arrival is also announced by the fashion. What is the 60s’s fashion? What is the England style too? Why these people always to love “MOD”?

Mod style started in the 1960s, mod is abbreviation for Modernist, just for the modernism. Now it refers to the 60s England Retro Style. They ride the footboard motor, puts on the losing weight western-style clothing, combs the sasoon … Continue Reading

The so-called fashion, is just an emotional state

The concept of fashion in the west, is probably established in the Louis XIV time, that is one old luxurious principle. Now, the luxury goods are not the mysterious which only a handful of people can have, but is the dream which the most people release to be willing to do.

The reason that Paris can become the fashionable strategic place, on the one hand it goes with the past, on the other hand, because the French government will define it as “the creativity industry”, but not “the textile profession”. Now there are 30% GDP of entire France is coming from … Continue Reading

So fashionable and practical, the PVC material plastic ornaments will be more and more popular

Actually, we can make the things in fashionable but also practical, may satisfy both sides definitely. In this beautiful season, the plastic decorations which are translucent as jelly attract many people quietly.

The plastic shoes is environmental-friendly and practical

The present plastic shoes, changed the “simply” image than ever before, have the waterproofing, ventilation, comfortable characteristic, also joined with bright contrast color design, and fashionable high-heeled style, some have even mounted the quartz, increased the popularity greatly.

And there is another important reason that the plastic shoes can be popular is its environmental-friendly but also practical characteristic. The factories took the PVC material … Continue Reading

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