Opal of October, the discoloring magic stone

The international gem classify the Opal as “the Birthday stone of October”, it is the stone of the hope and peace. The Opal enjoys the “gem queen” fine reputation because it has the bright ruby gloss, the magnificent and expensive amethyst gloss, the smooth grandmother green gloss as well as many colors variegated combinations. Once some people had performed the experiment, shined the Opal under the sunlight, then obtained into a dark room, will discover by now then, in one piece jet black, the Opal in hand was sending out the enchanting ray, is similar to the oil dropped in the water which has the rainbow color, only continues period of time then to vanish. This kind of swathed colors, let the people have infinite mysterious daydream.

OPAL is one kind of precious opal, mainly produced in Australia, is the most beautiful and precious gems in the world. So as many gems, Opal goes out from the underground sedimentary rocks with a macho swagger, but it is not so transparent, is also far from hard completely, even may say that the quality of material pine crisp is easy to disrupt. And its content contains moisture reaches as high as 10% compare to other higher content, but also one kind of exaggerated view is may achieve 30%. In addition, its difference also lies in the color which it has, this kind of color is presenting each kind of color in the spectrum according to stochastic “the color deterioration game”.

Why these beautiful gems are exist to be actually few in the world extremely?

Indeed, the beautiful color of Opal lets the woman be deluded, can you tell us that if there is another gems can like it, which sends out so diverse brilliance colors in the identical block gem? The answer is only Opal. But why few people hear there is rare jewel for so fine quality gem? Do not forget, Opal is the watery gem, the water can not escaped from the Opal in daily wears, but in the long-term high temperature or the humidity excessively low environment, the moisture content is very easy to drain, that means that along with the time outflow, Opal will also present the crack or the slight defect, “the play of color” will be weaken or lost completely, loses the initial beauty.

About the beautiful fable of Opal

The black Opal, even if in dim, it also can send out the bright ray, therefore it also explains to be safe and bright. It is said that the Queen Victoria treated Opal as the wedding gift to her daughter, has brought happiness to the daughter. It is said Opal will take the inspiration to the artist.

Opal of October - the discoloring magic stone

Opal of October - the discoloring magic stone

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