New York fashion week, new location new look

Has been conducted 16 years in the Bryant park, the New York fashion week relocation to the Lincoln center this quarter. Compares to the Bryant park which situated at Manhattan heart area, Lincoln center would be more broader and more diversified, as well as more strong cultural art breath. After moving to the new address, New York fashion week will present what kind of new look?

New location: From literary center to fashion center

The changes of this New York fashion week are not such simple to move the white big tent from a park toward another park. After all, the new location is not only the Damrosech park, but is the entire place – Lincoln center.

So far as the land is concerned, the Lincoln center locate at the west area of New York, cannot compare with Bryant park obviously. In view of the fact that the unstable economic situation and the consumer confidence, a part of designers worried that the Lincoln central place is too far away, particularly has certain distance to New York traditional clothing area, possibly will let the customers feel that the journey will be inconvenient. Designer Elie Tahari actually believed that this New York classical music Holy Land’s environment gives the human to be nobler, enchanting and graceful feeling by one kind.

In fact, many fashion displays will also perform at the same time. From September 14th to 16th, in celebration of New York fashion week for the new home, the David Rubinstein quadrangle will hold an art show which many young designers will participate, will be opened to the public.

Moreover, to consolidate the new image of its fashionable terrestrial, after taking down all the tents of the fashion week, the Lincoln center will still continue to conduct each kind of fashion activity, the course and the film preview.

New technology: Electronic registration system

What will be the hottest arrogance this session of New York fashion week? The answer has made known ahead of time: A string bar code. The reason was very simple, has been short them, no matter which show you want to enter, could be denied entrance.

The Lincoln center has provided the electronic registration system for each show field. But many fashionable clothing rooms have also cancelled the fine magnificent paper invitation card, change to transmit the electronic invitation and the bar code confirmation list to the guests. If all smooth, outside the show field the crowded chaotic awkward scene will be gone forever, instead of this, everything must be just so as the people handles boarding procedure systematic at the airport. This new action will improve the speed and the order greatly when the audience enters the arena, lets the unexpected visitor have no weakness to exploit.

For the guest, after receiving the electronic invitation, needs to do prompt reply, afterward can receive the unique bar code electronic confirmation list. As the same as the past, a part of buyers and the media will be obtained the seat arrangement notice in advance. But after the majority of audiences arrive at the Lincoln center, must go to the information pavilion to scan their own bar code (usually printed, or saves in intelligent handset), can obtain the admission card which the seat is arranged.

It is not necessarily true that the entire process sounds to be such simple, but, compared with the audiences must carry the paper invitation card, arranged hundred person of long teams at the entrance, waited for that the public relations glanced through the dense and numerous name list, would be more relaxed without any doubt.

New neighbor: fashion popular movement on west area

On August 12, the sponsor of New York fashion week sent a letter to its new neighbor – Lincoln center the block residents, have informed with politeness, the fashion week will bring some inconvenience to their life, including parking restrictions and blockading the road which will be possibly continued 6 weeks long, as well as truck, trailer, main facilities thronging.

Different from the Bryant park is located at the business center’s, Lincoln center peripheral all are residential district, and in the resident there are massive low income renter, just only separate a street between some apartment buildings and Damrosech park. Facing with the luxurious grand occasion suddenly, some people feel are very excited, but more universal mood are relentless and worried. Therefore, New York Municipal government and the organizers of fashion week decided to through to provide the employment and the practice opportunity, integrates local resident’s life to the fashion.

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