Made In China – cheap but not fashionable

For many people, what“Made in China” is representing? The audiences said: cheap but non-fashionable. It seems that China has been most impossible to develop the fashionable industrial state.

Certainly, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates regarding Dalian Trands western-style clothes’ affection, let the domestic clothing profession also collect the honor. To this emerging brand, hope it to be able to benefit in this part of the profit rich luxury goods market in the future among Gucci, Amarni, Prada.

in 2009, the Chinese luxury goods sale grows 12%, climbs to 9.6 billion US dollars, occupied 27.5% of global markets.

But the analyst believed that the Chinese domestic luxury goods brand’s path is actually difficult to walk, caused by the prejudice of history long time ago, will be hard to compete with the heavyweight established luxury goods brand.

For a long time past, “Made in China” has represented the populace market products which have deficient creativity, the bad quality. But the image of “Made in Europe” is actually just the opposite.

The native brad which seems to have the broad ideal should remold the image of “Made in China”? However, once the chinese consumers are rich, will like buying the major suit to show off, this kind of brand consciousness lets the Europe’s and America’s well-known luxury goods brand have an opportunity. So, it is inevitably hard and dangerous to compete with these hundred year brand exceptionally.

Certainly, there also is a minority brand to do it successfully. For Shanghai Tang, the international influence is not small, take the Chinese tradition element as the subject, bright and unique, has a distinct flavor. Now many people pursue to hold it in Hong Kong, Shanghai extremely.

Comes to see our competitor again, their motion may summarize two points: First, further develops the market, pushes onward the domestic 2 and 3 grade cities; Another is aiming at the Chinese consumers to promote the new brand specially.

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