Exploring the gift from the God in gem city of Sri Lanka

The original jewelry is one kind of ornament, what you like and you could afford, just wear what you buy is still a good thing. But what a pity! In front of these valuable things, the people always ready to make trouble, therefore there is the Sierra Leone “Blood Diamond”. What is lucky, the Sri Lanka which continues longest civil war in Asia, although the 90% national territory distribute the metamorphic rock which can be produced the gem, but in Tiger organization’s den – - northern Jaffna peninsula, fortunately, does not have the valuable quarry.

The history of gem mining of Sri Lanka was had more than 2500 years. The parent rock which contains the gem was carried off by the stream erosion, the gem was muddled up in the silt, the broken stone and the clay, spreads in the river bed, the wetland, the farmland or at the foot of the hill, usually the depth between 1.5 meters to 18 meters. There are three kinds of ways to pick the valuable approximately, dike mining mostly in the mountainous area, mines the gem pellet is big, but the difficulty is high; Digs a well to be much more common as well as the river mining, but shipped after the rivers for a long time, the size of gem is small.

The old riverbed of Carew river which divides Latenapule into two parts, has bred 1/3 gems of this country , also causes it to become the biggest gem mining area of Asia. At present, the biggest sapphire is monopoly by the New York natural history Museum, which weighs 563 carats, called “star of the India”, comes from here. In the early 80s, here also has produced the 362 carat the third big sapphire all over the world, which called “star of the Sri Lankan”, taken as the national treasure, collectted in Colombo Country Museum.

Since it is the gift from the god, has the good fortune to make pain of the person naturally. Although on the Latenapule street corner, everywhere is the people who wears or takes the condensation tube to reflect the gem, but the genuine high-quality gem is rare to be seen. According to the native saying, some people dug three years to have achieved nothing, some person dug the value 10,000 US dollars goods in the first month. Because the excavates of the gem crop is unforeseen completely, each mineralization point has the shrine, before the ore main excavates officially, must go to the temple to burn incense as they prayed, before each worker goes into a well, also wants both hands to gather ten, prayed silently, also choose “the auspicious day” to sieve ore.

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