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Put on the beauty and good luck to the body – Tourmaline

What is the fitting jewelry, which is not only can bring the magnificent elegant visual esthetic sense, the luxurious precious psychological experience for you who was born in October, but also can dodge the disadvantageous negative energy for you, and brings you many lucky, the great popularity in work place? The answer is the jewelry of Tourmaline. As October’s birthday stone, the Tourmaline is suitable gem for the people who was born in October, put on the beauty and lucky to the body, why not?

What good luck the Tourmaline can bring for the October fresh person?

It is said that the … Continue Reading

Opal of October, the discoloring magic stone

The international gem classify the Opal as “the Birthday stone of October”, it is the stone of the hope and peace. The Opal enjoys the “gem queen” fine reputation because it has the bright ruby gloss, the magnificent and expensive amethyst gloss, the smooth grandmother green gloss as well as many colors variegated combinations. Once some people had performed the experiment, shined the Opal under the sunlight, then obtained into a dark room, will discover by now then, in one piece jet black, the Opal in hand was sending out the enchanting ray, is similar to the oil dropped in … Continue Reading

Exploring the gift from the God in gem city of Sri Lanka

The original jewelry is one kind of ornament, what you like and you could afford, just wear what you buy is still a good thing. But what a pity! In front of these valuable things, the people always ready to make trouble, therefore there is the Sierra Leone “Blood Diamond”. What is lucky, the Sri Lanka which continues longest civil war in Asia, although the 90% national territory distribute the metamorphic rock which can be produced the gem, but in Tiger organization’s den – - northern Jaffna peninsula, fortunately, does not have the valuable quarry.

The history of gem mining of … Continue Reading

Somewhere we can find Sapphires too?

Last post, we talk about the three biggest country/area of origin of Sapphires all over the world. But do you know some other place can find Sapphires too? Let us take a look at.

1. Thailand: The Thai sapphire assumes the black blue color, the light grey blue color. In the crystal, there is no the silk-like inclusions, but contains fingerprint shape liquid state inclusion. The most obvious characteristic is having the Dutch leaf-shape distribution crack around the black solid state inclusion.

2. China: The deposit dispersal area of the Shandong Changle sapphires is big, many reserves, is also rare in the … Continue Reading

Where is the Sapphire come from?

Sapphire or ruby is like a pair of twin sisters, they are all colorful beautiful gem corundum. the main differences is they captured the different elements of colors in the process of their growth. Ruby trapped the elements of chromium, present red and fuchsia. Sapphire captured the element of iron and tie. Because each gem contains different contents and rates of iron and tie, will present more colors. Today we come to see where is the sapphire come from?

1. India Kashmir: the best colorful sapphire inherent in Kashmir, it has its original indigo blue but has little purple color, the … Continue Reading

What is Haute Couture?

Haute Couture is the highest in the fashion world, originating from Paris famous designer Charles Frederic Worth high-level, he founded the beginning of Haute Couture in Paris in 1858, and become the representative which the French advocated the luxurious ancient tradition, is named as “Haute Couture”. But English borrows French usage directly.

In the world of fashion, Haute Couture means the commanding point of the luxury, is having the unattainable privilege. Behind the dramatic buzz, the lead creativity of Haute Couture, has the great importance enlightenment function for the future fashionable trend. Many tiny elements can be applied in … Continue Reading

Mod style, the past 50 years of England fashion

The age which was called “swinging sixties” past 50 years already. On the 21st century’s T stage, is staging the 60s again and again actually. In the fall and winters of 2010, the 60s style arrival is also announced by the fashion. What is the 60s’s fashion? What is the England style too? Why these people always to love “MOD”?

Mod style started in the 1960s, mod is abbreviation for Modernist, just for the modernism. Now it refers to the 60s England Retro Style. They ride the footboard motor, puts on the losing weight western-style clothing, combs the sasoon … Continue Reading

Olivine, the king’s bright scepter

The Guardian Star of Leo is the sun, but the olivine is called “the Jewels of the Sun” in ancient times, because its color contained the royalty of color yellow and the hope of pale-green, it can eliminate the people’s fear in the dark night. Also some people called the olivine is “the god of fire” tear, the reason is the olivine is most closely associated with crater and rock of the volcano, the spot, as the tears was spewing out from the volcano, wraps in the black volcanic rock. No matter what kind of alternate name it has, this … Continue Reading

The watered gauze’s characteristic and outstanding features

Although the watered gauze is one kind of pure silk, it is different from the pure silk. The pure silk is elegant, frivolous, gets wet easily, and ladders easily. But the watered gauze lining is very extravagant, sense of reality, will not stick on the body after the perspiration, will be cool. Therefore the people in Guangdong area like to put it on!

The unique tactile impression and colors of watered gauze let many people feel that it is not too easy to match other wearing. The designers puts forward a very good proposal: The watered gauze is one kind … Continue Reading

The recent situation of watered gauze’s development

In recent years, the watered gauze scenery is no longer already, and there is only one factory to watered gauze in the world, produce less than 400,000 meters every year, half export, half in the domestic sale. Because the insufficient output in the recent years, the price is very expensive, therefore, putting on clothes which is made by watered gauze, has become one status and position symbol.

The reason that watered gauze faced with this condition, on the one hand is the present clothing material is having many choice, moreover is the production process is complex extremely. The raw … Continue Reading

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