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Put on the Fake Brands to be easy to make the human to lie?

Please paying attention that the people who like to buy the fake brand products in the Chinatown: The fake brand goods not only let you dress up to be inexpensive, they will also tarnish your soul. The researchers who are from Harvard Business school and Duke University discovered that these ladies who put on or wear the fake brand products are easier to lie, deceit and have the hatred human nature tendency.

In the first experiment, the females who participated in experiment have to put on the eyeglasses of Chloe to make each kind of honest test. Half ladies are informed … Continue Reading

Spend more, save less

The females advocated to spend much more money on consumption than before, but save less in the bank in urban china. From a Chinese woman magazine, was investigated last year, the females used the 63% of income for expend, but only save 24% money in the bank then.

But 3 year ago, there was an investigation which was from China Daily in 2006 show that the females only use 30% of income to purchase the thing, but there are 55% of income in the bank.

Judging by the most recent spate of statistics, there are 1074 females who are living in 10 … Continue Reading

The so-called fashion, is just an emotional state

The concept of fashion in the west, is probably established in the Louis XIV time, that is one old luxurious principle. Now, the luxury goods are not the mysterious which only a handful of people can have, but is the dream which the most people release to be willing to do.

The reason that Paris can become the fashionable strategic place, on the one hand it goes with the past, on the other hand, because the French government will define it as “the creativity industry”, but not “the textile profession”. Now there are 30% GDP of entire France is coming from … Continue Reading

What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately?

What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately? It is a bit difficult to answer this question possibly. According to one report, some organization did a survey for more than 12,000 people in 24 countries. They found that the people have different viewpoint to this question. However, generally speaking, the European is putting on casually, but the Indian is most fastidious.

If you like the T-shirts, jeans, the following statistics is possibly helpful for you to consider where you can work. According to the investigation, you should go to Hungary, because there are 12% people to … Continue Reading

Do you involve yourself into these bad habits of dressing?

The fashion trend always bring us the different fashionable style and design. The girls who love of beauty, pursue the fashionable clothing unceasingly, or stand on the top of fashion successfully, or laborious but with great interest. However, we saw that many girls pursue the fashion but not according their own stature characteristic. Undoubtedly, it works in the opposite side surely.

So, there are some words we should mention, girls must keep their eyes open when pursuing the fashion, do not purchase and put on it if it is not fit you, or you will be the person who … Continue Reading

Got ache easily if wears the bracelet on the right hand?

The weather is getting warmer day by day, the beautiful women start to wear the attractive bangle, the bracelet. Many people thought that wears the jewelry also to say “male left female right”, moreover wears in the right hand, the attractive jewelry has more demonstration opportunities. But do you know that it is very possibly to make your right wrist to be injured. Some reports showed that one kind of sickness named “carpal tunnel syndrome”, has the relations with the bangle and bracelet.

In actual life, we always use our right hand, especially the office work’s female, the wrist moves repeatedly … Continue Reading

To be really fashionable, how much it is?

You can spend 1000 or 10 million dollars to be more fashionable, but 10 million dollars do not mean that it is expensive than a gold which is worth 1000 dollars only, do you hear that a man takes many gold card is most fashionable in the world?

Nobody can deny that 1 million dollars Aston Martin is fashionable, but the man who processes it is not fashionable really. The shopping amount’s digit can promulgate many phenomena, but cannot become the only reference standard to say if it is fashionable or not. To be fashionable, you should spend money generously unavoidably, … Continue Reading

Skirt fashionable index is based on the appropriate transparency

This season, the fashionable index does not look at the shoe altitude, does not look at the skirt length, but must look at the transparency of lining! The high-quality crepe georgette, duke satin is manufactured limpidly incomparable, regardless of being transparent or partly visible, entrusts with the lofty nude color or the beige color accent, unfolds the woman’s gently and beautiful.

40%-50% transparencies: This is the best criterion that you get into the office, the slightly gloss lining is showing the lofty makings, is suitable to match the decoration in the same color.

60%-70% transparencies: the lace, the lotus leaf is the … Continue Reading

How many pair shoes you should have for a beauty-love girl

Looking from the situation to the clothing’s matching, every kind of altitude and colors sandals you should have, is actually the tradition “three shoes” (i.e. high-heeled shoes, kitten heels, flat shoes) deducts into today’s fashion beautiful shoes choice principle. As for each kind of shoes quantity, just based on the different price range, may act according to the own actual situation proportionate deletion.

1. Stilettos

If asked that in the world, there is anything most to be able to represent the woman, regardless of the men and women, most people’s answered can be high-heeled shoes. The high-heeled shoes interesting part of it … Continue Reading

She should put on the long dress or short skirt when a woman got old

When the woman got old, she should suspend the skirt to a moderate sink, or continue to put on the tutu? It is do with the age in puting on clothes, perhaps it will let you will appear more old mannish.

I attempt to chat with my colleague, but she does not have to listen to me attentively. She was only busy at telling me, my skirt too steadily, and curled my skirt personally, proved her viewpoint. I am unable to restrain to start to ponder that if I am sure to listen to her words … Continue Reading