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Made In China – cheap but not fashionable

For many people, what“Made in China” is representing? The audiences said: cheap but non-fashionable. It seems that China has been most impossible to develop the fashionable industrial state.

Certainly, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates regarding Dalian Trands western-style clothes’ affection, let the domestic clothing profession also collect the honor. To this emerging brand, hope it to be able to benefit in this part of the profit rich luxury goods market in the future among Gucci, Amarni, Prada.

in 2009, the Chinese luxury goods sale grows 12%, climbs to 9.6 billion US dollars, occupied 27.5% of global markets.

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The new standard of Europe made the Chinese shoe enterprise accelerate the transformation and upgrading

The new regulations,  it has a new legal requirements as follows,  in exporting products such as shoes use PVC material,  DEHP (restrict the use of phthalic acid esters),  DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and BBP phthalic acid (phenyl butyl acrylate) will be limited to be used. The corresponding DINP (phthalic acid esters), the DIDP phthalic acid (fd) and the second DNOP (phthalic acid esters), these essien should not exceed the composition of 0.1%. The new standard of our country footwear -highly traditional industries, that export far-reaching influence for the domestic shoe products as export will be faced with severe life.

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The 7th international gold pearl jade exhibition of Guangzhou was held successfully

The 7th international gold jewels show on June 20,  will be held at guangzhou jinhan exhibition center in ended,  nearly 150 home from Canada,  China,  Hong Kong,  Japan,  Taiwan,  Thailand,  Turkey,  and the united Arab emirates exhibitors at the four-day fair show,  quality,  affordable jewelry and jewelry materials, attracted a lot of local and overseas buyers to purchase.  The exhibition visitors is more than last year, it is inspiring.

The panyu district of guangzhou fair continues to get more industry association and the support, the success.  Guangzhou panyu district jewelry manufactured and panyu chromatic gem joint committee organized more than 40 … Continue Reading