About those matters of fashion week

2010 A/W fashion week just finished, 2011 spring/summer fashion week is following. Facing the fashion week year after year, besides we must pay attention to the popular colors, the designs, the accessories in this quarter, major suit star in the front row of show field, the backstage gossip, the outside street snap similarly is also “the splendid major drama” which can not be missing.

The legendary big four

New York, London, Paris, Milan, these four fashion weeks, are the so-called big four fashion weeks in the world of fashion. The big four fashion weeks were held once a year, divided into two parts as spring and summer fashion week (the first 10 days of September and October) and the autumn and winter fashion week (in February and March). Each time, there are about 300 fashion show will be released in about one month. The concrete time is uncertain, but published in this time interval. The big four fashion weeks will basically promulgate and have decided the fashion trend of the clothing all over the world this year and next year. For the majority fashionable clothing companies, must spend a half year to 8 month at least to be able to turn the design to be the finished products, therefore, the big four fashion weeks will carry on the next year’s fashionable clothing issue approximately more than 6 months ahead of time.

The editors have played the enormous role, in each show, their primary mission seeks for the intersection of each show, which basically will be the popular key points in next year. Thus, they obtained fashion trend of every year. The big four fashion weeks have their own characteristics, New York’s nature, London’s vanguard, Paris’s extravagant and Milan’s novel become the respective symbol of these four fashion center.

New York: most natural

Every year, the international fashion week is held in New York, which is having the supreme status in the world of fashion.

London: Most vanguard

The London fashion week is well-known by the unique clothing design concept and the strange display style. Some exotic clothes were presented in a way out of the ordinary, brings surprised to the attendant pleasantly.

Paris: Most luxurious

Paris is honored as “the center of the clothing center”. The information which is sent out from here is the vane of international fashion trend, not only leads the trend of the French spinning and weaving clothing industry, but also leads the unrest of international fashionable clothing.

Milan: Novel

Italy is the great power for the established brand textile clothing production, the product of the Italian spinning and weaving apparel industry enjoy a good reputation all over the world by its perfect and exquisite design and excellent technical post processing.

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