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About those matters of fashion week

2010 A/W fashion week just finished, 2011 spring/summer fashion week is following. Facing the fashion week year after year, besides we must pay attention to the popular colors, the designs, the accessories in this quarter, major suit star in the front row of show field, the backstage gossip, the outside street snap similarly is also “the splendid major drama” which can not be missing.

The legendary big four

New York, London, Paris, Milan, these four fashion weeks, are the so-called big four fashion weeks in the world of fashion. The big four fashion weeks were held once a year, divided into two … Continue Reading

The usage principles of Perfume

Many people like to use Perfume when they may participate some special parties, but do you know the principles to use Perfume?

Principle one: Chooses the perfume according to fragrance time. If you need it to have an effect for 5 hours at least, such as participates in party, you will bring very small handbags, which will not hold the big scent-bottle. Then you will choose the vial top perfume.

Principle two: Chooses the perfume according to fragrance type which you like, such as the flower, the fruit and so on. But some people smell the rich flowers fragrance, will … Continue Reading

New York fashion week, new location new look

Has been conducted 16 years in the Bryant park, the New York fashion week relocation to the Lincoln center this quarter. Compares to the Bryant park which situated at Manhattan heart area, Lincoln center would be more broader and more diversified, as well as more strong cultural art breath. After moving to the new address, New York fashion week will present what kind of new look?

New location: From literary center to fashion center

The changes of this New York fashion week are not such simple to move the white big tent from a park toward another park. After all, the new … Continue Reading

Start to fight against counterfeit from New York fashion week

This year, in the New York spring/summer 2011 fashion week, will specially pay attention to fight against counterfeit, at the same time, the United States Congress launches the related legislative procedure, has also opened a fashionable clothing law school in New York.

The fashionable clothing law school will open the intellectual property rights, the design paper and the brand registration, international trade, national law and international law and so on related curriculum. The curriculum is opened to the legal science specialized university student and the fashion design student.

The acting principal of the University – Michael Martin indicated that … Continue Reading

Fashion’s Night Out – the opened fashion show in New York fashion week

The organizer indicated that each fashion designer’s Spring/Autumn series 2011 demonstration is only open to the retail merchant and the media, but as Mercedes-Benz fashion week opening ceremony, the public fashion show will be conducted in September 7 will demonstrate the newest top carriage sells fashion styles to the consumer.

This fashion show is a brand-new link of the second Fashion’s Night Out. The Fashion’s Night Out is the fashion retail sales grand meeting which is promoted by editor AnnaWintour of the American Vogue magazine, is for the purpose of summoning that the people go out to expend the … Continue Reading

Be handy with perfume

The perfume should be the first thing before you put on clothes. After taking the bath, before putting on clothes, you should spray it first. After washing hair, when the hair will be dry, you can spurt on the favorite perfume. After wearing, please spurts on the same perfume in the position of body which the warm pulse beat, like wrist, knee. The amount of usage depends on the regulation of climate, if the climate is dry, then use more, it will send out slowly and maintains for a long time; When the climate is moist, starts with … Continue Reading

What is Haute Couture?

Haute Couture is the highest in the fashion world, originating from Paris famous designer Charles Frederic Worth high-level, he founded the beginning of Haute Couture in Paris in 1858, and become the representative which the French advocated the luxurious ancient tradition, is named as “Haute Couture”. But English borrows French usage directly.

In the world of fashion, Haute Couture means the commanding point of the luxury, is having the unattainable privilege. Behind the dramatic buzz, the lead creativity of Haute Couture, has the great importance enlightenment function for the future fashionable trend. Many tiny elements can be applied in … Continue Reading

a new definition of luxury after the financial crisis

Compares to the ordinary 2009, in the first two quarters of 2010, the European luxurious brand’s sale growth has achieved 2 figures generally. Some analyst believed that this is a big eruption after the financial crisis in previous two years, which the consumer is constrained to purchase the luxury goods which they want, but what’s the prospect will go on?

Regarding the phenomenon of luxury goods sale growth, another kind of explanation is, except the rich and powerful people and so on ultra high-end expense crowd, the proletariat populace’s strength may not belittle – - this concern with the brand strategy. … Continue Reading

Sexy lace, the main keyword in autumn and winter of 2010

The lace appears most early on feminine private underwear, but this year, lace element also appears on fashionable clothing of spring and summer in 2010, the indistinct but gloss flesh discloses the infinite sexy appeal, and it will also continue this element in A/W of this year. The fine lace, and the exquisite manual skill let the lace send out the intoxicant sentiment and luxurious.

On the fashionable clothing of A/W of 2010, the lace becomes the main melody of fashion trend impressively, is liberated from the private boudoir completely. What T stage presents for us is one kind … Continue Reading

The timeless classical of the Stockholm fashion week

Best, is always best. Best to be forever becomes the classics. In this Stockholm fashion week, we experienced numerous shocked styles, also saw the good design, which have been able to let the mind feel the joyful things.

This group of design inspiration originates from Kenya’s daybreak. In the design, it attempts to transmit one kind self-confident and optimistic feeling, which originates from the sky which is fluctuates, originates in the wonderful nature. These designs, what attracted us are the hue utilization: Bright Marseilles Tribe unique red, lagoon green and the savanna unique yellow. These hues map to person’s sense organ, … Continue Reading

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