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Mod style, the past 50 years of England fashion

The age which was called “swinging sixties” past 50 years already. On the 21st century’s T stage, is staging the 60s again and again actually. In the fall and winters of 2010, the 60s style arrival is also announced by the fashion. What is the 60s’s fashion? What is the England style too? Why these people always to love “MOD”?

Mod style started in the 1960s, mod is abbreviation for Modernist, just for the modernism. Now it refers to the 60s England Retro Style. They ride the footboard motor, puts on the losing weight western-style clothing, combs the sasoon … Continue Reading

The so-called fashion, is just an emotional state

The concept of fashion in the west, is probably established in the Louis XIV time, that is one old luxurious principle. Now, the luxury goods are not the mysterious which only a handful of people can have, but is the dream which the most people release to be willing to do.

The reason that Paris can become the fashionable strategic place, on the one hand it goes with the past, on the other hand, because the French government will define it as “the creativity industry”, but not “the textile profession”. Now there are 30% GDP of entire France is coming from … Continue Reading

So fashionable and practical, the PVC material plastic ornaments will be more and more popular

Actually, we can make the things in fashionable but also practical, may satisfy both sides definitely. In this beautiful season, the plastic decorations which are translucent as jelly attract many people quietly.

The plastic shoes is environmental-friendly and practical

The present plastic shoes, changed the “simply” image than ever before, have the waterproofing, ventilation, comfortable characteristic, also joined with bright contrast color design, and fashionable high-heeled style, some have even mounted the quartz, increased the popularity greatly.

And there is another important reason that the plastic shoes can be popular is its environmental-friendly but also practical characteristic. The factories took the PVC material … Continue Reading

What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately?

What clothes we should put on to go to work appropriately? It is a bit difficult to answer this question possibly. According to one report, some organization did a survey for more than 12,000 people in 24 countries. They found that the people have different viewpoint to this question. However, generally speaking, the European is putting on casually, but the Indian is most fastidious.

If you like the T-shirts, jeans, the following statistics is possibly helpful for you to consider where you can work. According to the investigation, you should go to Hungary, because there are 12% people to … Continue Reading

Olivine, the king’s bright scepter

The Guardian Star of Leo is the sun, but the olivine is called “the Jewels of the Sun” in ancient times, because its color contained the royalty of color yellow and the hope of pale-green, it can eliminate the people’s fear in the dark night. Also some people called the olivine is “the god of fire” tear, the reason is the olivine is most closely associated with crater and rock of the volcano, the spot, as the tears was spewing out from the volcano, wraps in the black volcanic rock. No matter what kind of alternate name it has, this … Continue Reading

Will you fall in love with the unconventional handbags this summer

The colorful summer days come at the appointed time. For a moment, bright sun shines down, but there is a fierce storm at that time, change from one extreme to the other. Do you want to go to the seashore at bright sunshine days? Or would you like to dabble in water when raining? In a word, you cannot go to take vacation, but the heart wants to go on vocation. Whether your heart also start to move to the vocation?

At this moment, the unmirthful handbags was not the best choice obviously already which is too seriously, may … Continue Reading

The office lady’s new rules of fashion

In the job market, dressing is a knowledge for the office lady, especially in the summer, cannot too old-fashioned and too exposed. But what’s the standard dressing? Just putting on the clothing appropriately, let you look like to be full of temperament, self-confident and more professional. Do not let the appearance bring the counterproductive, or it will destroy your specialized image.

In addition, if circumstances permit, may also choose the ventilation material inner wear, even the T-shirt or Henry collar tops, the major is preparing a section of neat material frivolous western-style clothing in the office momentarily, … Continue Reading

Do you involve yourself into these bad habits of dressing?

The fashion trend always bring us the different fashionable style and design. The girls who love of beauty, pursue the fashionable clothing unceasingly, or stand on the top of fashion successfully, or laborious but with great interest. However, we saw that many girls pursue the fashion but not according their own stature characteristic. Undoubtedly, it works in the opposite side surely.

So, there are some words we should mention, girls must keep their eyes open when pursuing the fashion, do not purchase and put on it if it is not fit you, or you will be the person who … Continue Reading

All shapes and colors soft jewelry make the focal point

The soft jewelry, as the name suggests, is arranges with the rope, silk-tree flower, cotton material, and leather material to manufacture the light and soft quality jewelry. In the summer days, if you  don’t have the decoration to match the soft jewelry, then you are possibly falling behind.  In the summer days, the soft jewelry is a good choice to wear to window-shopping and travel.

This very delightful lovable chiffon material necklace, the beautiful flowers bloom in your front, are you unable to resist her entice gently and charmingly?


This bracelet seems to … Continue Reading

Got ache easily if wears the bracelet on the right hand?

The weather is getting warmer day by day, the beautiful women start to wear the attractive bangle, the bracelet. Many people thought that wears the jewelry also to say “male left female right”, moreover wears in the right hand, the attractive jewelry has more demonstration opportunities. But do you know that it is very possibly to make your right wrist to be injured. Some reports showed that one kind of sickness named “carpal tunnel syndrome”, has the relations with the bangle and bracelet.

In actual life, we always use our right hand, especially the office work’s female, the wrist moves repeatedly … Continue Reading

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